Celebrities from Ukraine: Ana Layevska, Mila Kunis and other artists with that ancestry

The conflict of Russia vs. Ukraine has the world on edge, as President Vladimir Putin ordered a military operation in his neighboring country during the course of February 23.

The imminent threat of a world war and not just a local war generated uncertainty, even prompting netizens to remember Ukrainians who are part of the middle of the show.

Some of the figures are famous in European territories, although others also managed to achieve glory in Hollywood and even build their careers in Mexico.

an actress born in Ukraine who managed to stand out in our nation is Ana Layevska who arrived in this part of the West in the company of his parents when he was just 9 years old.

His first foray into the medium was in 1997 at the hands of Televisa, in the production “Sometime we will have wings”. A year later she was part of the cast of “Preciosa” and in 1999 she appeared in “Amor gitano”.

The popularity of the woman increased from 2000, because at that time she co-starred in “Primer Amor… a mil per hora” with Anahí, Kuno Becker and Valentino Lanus.

What other celebrities are originally from Ukraine?

Ana Layevska is the example of a Ukrainian who did well in the West, although there are other figures who managed to make their way in the difficult artistic world.

One of the most successful is Jovovich mile, the protagonist of the movie “The Fifth Element” and the “Resident Evil” saga. Although she is a naturalized American, she was born in Kyiv, Ukraine in 1975.

Milla Jovovich nació en Kiev, Ucrania, en 1975.
Photo: Instagram @millajovovich

Mila Kunis is another native of that country; She was born in Chernivtsi, although at the age of 7 she moved with her family to the United States and as she grew up she managed to succeed in Hollywood.

Actor Eugene Hütz, who starred in “Filth and Wisdom”, is part of the same “club” as the actresses mentioned above because he was born in Boyarka, Ukraine a country that unfortunately finds itself in conflict after the start of the Russian military operations.

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