Celebrities over 40 who are fitter than ever

    There is no perfect age to start training and get fit. Whether you are in your 30s, like Cristina Pedroche who trains hard; as if you are in your 20s, see Laura Escanes’ workouts, any time is a good time to start your fitness transformation. And yes, the 40 are too. In addition to being something of which we are convinced, there is a lot of celebrities which are proof of it. Have you seen Pilar Rubio? At 44 years old she is stronger than at 24, and what about Jennifer Lopez, she is 53 years old and she has iron abs.

    It is true that our body begins to change, experts say that “due to the slowdown in metabolism and hormonal changes, we can say that from the age of 30 our lifestyles tend to be more sedentary. This implies starting to lose muscle mass due to lack of encouragement. And the body, unable to expend enough energy to reduce or maintain fat levels, instead tends to retain or even increase them.”

    This is not an impediment we have to know what happens in our body to know how to focus our training in order to achieve goals. And, for when we need inspiration, we just have to go to the Instagram account of any of these 30 celebrities who have become the queens of the gym. Many of them started their fitness adventure just a few years ago and now they are stronger than ever. Have you seen Chenoa training lately? And Elsa Pataky’s exercise routines?

    Eva Longoria, Rebel Wilson or Rosa Lopez (OT), are at their best physically now that they are over 40 and yes, the formula they follow is simple: a good diet, discipline in the gym and being constant in everything they set out to do. Like them, there are many more, discover all the celebrities who have become fitness references once they turn 40.

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