Celebrities who did not want to be mothers

Celebrities who did not want to be mothers. This fact has led to them being highly criticized, however, they assure that they are happy with their decision.

On different occasions, we have heard how women say that being a mother “is the best thing that has happened to them in life” and that, without a doubt, having a small part of our being seeing us smile or guiding them to be a good human being is satisfying.

However, there are some who discard this aspect of their lives for different reasons. In this article, we tell you a little more about them.

Celebrities who did not want to be mothers

Margaret Rose of Francis

Instagram photo @margaritarosadefrancisco

The actress shone for her work on television and on several occasions has made it clear that being a mother is not among her plans.

Amparo Grisales

Instagram photo @agrisales333

‘La Diva de Colombia’ has also shown her negative attitude towards motherhood.

Alejandra Azcarate

Instagram photo @laazcarateoficial

“I don’t want to have children because I love my freedom. There is no other reason than that, “said the actress about the possibility of becoming a mother.

Catherine Siachoque

Instagram photo @catherinesiachoque

Together with her husband Miguel Varoni, they have stated that children “are not in their plans to have them biologically.”

Lina Tejeiro

Instagram photo @linatejeiro

In social networks, the actress has made it clear that she does not want to have children.

Cameron Diaz

Instagram photo @camerondiaz

Every time the Hollywood actress is asked about “children,” she makes it clear that her life has been easier without babies.

Jennifer Aniston

Instagram photo @jenniferaniston

The actress once said: “Having a baby does not measure my happiness or success in my life, in my achievements or in anything else.”

Marisa Tomei

Instagram photo @marisatomei

“I am not one to set goals in that sense. I do not have the ambition to be a mother, “said the American actress.

Kate of the Castle

Instagram photo @katedelcastillo

The actress has assured that she is not interested in having babies, in part because of her bad experiences with her partners’ children.

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