Celebrities who have no relationship with their father

Let’s face it. There are dozens of celebrities who maintain a close and happy relationship with their father, calling home for Christmas and presenting the patriarch with beautiful reindeer socks. But, as in all statistics, we know that there are always exceptions. Tolstoy already passed sentence when he wrote Anna Karenina. “All happy families are alike, but the unhappy ones are each in their own way.” It is always better to learn to deal with the toxicity of those figures that should protect and educate us.

Did you know you are famous Have you burned your childhood memories in a bonfire? They are not related to their fathernor do they need to.


The song Love the way you liewhich she sang with Eminem, is proof enough that Rihanna he wanted to gouge out his father’s eyes with a teaspoon during much of his childhood. He didn’t, well, because then he had a hard time cleaning up the blood and he had a reputation to uphold. Ronald Fenty was addicted to crack and alcohol and, as the singer has revealed in various interviews, physically abused his mother.

In addition to giving her a childhood full of traumas, upsets and violence, Fenty went so far as to create a fictitious company under her daughter’s trademark to steal a few millions to which the singer was entitled. Rihanna and her army of lawyers sued him in 2019 in Los Angeles criminal court. That same year, against all odds, they reconciled.

maisie williams

If living a bitchy childhood and feeling constantly suffocated and threatened do not seem like sufficient reasons to bury the father figure in the depths of the psyche, let’s see the other weighty arguments of the actress who played Arya Stark to hate with nails and the teeth to his breederfor referring to the only noteworthy task of such a specimen.

Williams recounted a few years ago how her father held her psychologically hostage when she was little. “What could have happened for you to mistreat your own children? What happened to you as a child? Did you rip the legs off the bugs you saw? Did you learn all this like that?’ That’s how I feel about him now. I would make a fascinating documentary with this story, ”she explained, referring to the different abuses that she claimed to have suffered until a teacher at her school took her out of the house of horrors. “In a way, I was indoctrinated, I think that’s why I’m obsessed with cults, because I understand it… I was in a children’s sect

Britney Spears

Fortunately, Britneyers and fans of the commercial pop diva screamed with pure joy in 2021, the day Spears judicially regained autonomy to live his life calmly and make his own decisions. Her first movement after breaking free of her chains didn’t surprise those who expected her to go from prey to hunter. She sued James Spears for all the millions her lawyers claimed she had taken from her while she kept her practically buried alive, under electronic surveillance and without access to her own bank accounts.

The legal team Britney’s He made it clear in his criminal response in court: “Mr. Spears can run, but he can’t hide forever”, we suppose that a reflection in office language of what the singer really thinks about her worst nightmare. “There isn’t enough America to see you run.”

Meghan Markle

The new princess of the English people she could never fulfill the quintessential heteroromantic fantasy: walking in pure white to the altar arm in arm in the redeeming presence of the patriarch.

what meghan it takes worms with its parent It is something that newspapers like The Sun have dissected in dozens of articles, in which the relationship (in a state of putrefaction) of Prince Harry’s wife with the paterfamilias is analyzed, namely: Markle ignores him and does not pick up the phone , while he constantly tries to get her attention to let him back into her life (a very good option, now that his daughter lives in abundance and has her own reality show on Netflix in which she tells the world that the rich cry too. “Oh, the Lords don’t like me”).

In an after-dinner movie, the next step in the plot would be to hire a couple of burly men from some Slavic country for a reasonable price to leave a message for him. “Either you leave the princess alone, or you will finally know what it is to give a daughter real pay.”

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