Celebrities who regret their operations

They regret their arrangements

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The passage of time in the entertainment world seems to be a tabooespecially for the women; that is why several artists have chosen to do some touch-ups.

In an era where various stars have tried to normalize wrinkles and blemishes, celebrities like Jane Fonda, Mickey Rourke and Nicole Kidman are regretting trying to maintain their youth, as well as others. famous that they would have preferred not to.


The actress and activist has been the last of the famous in admitting that he regrets undergoing cosmetic surgery treatment.

“I had a facelift and I stopped because I don’t want to look different. I’m not really proud of having it done,” she confessed in an interview with Vogue magazine.

Likewise, he urged young people to lose their fear of getting old, since age is not what is important, but health.

They regret their arrangements


One of the biggest top models of the ’90s revealed in September 2021 that she had a problem with a treatment called CoolSculpting or liposculpture, which left her “completely deformed” and unable to continue her work.

The technique removes localized fat by freezing the cells; in your case, it didn’t work. But in July she closed this stage by putting an end to a lawsuit filed against the company that attended her.

Courtney Cox

When the interpreter of Monica, from Friends, realized that she was experiencing changes due to age, she tried to pursue eternal youth.

“I didn’t realize that, shit, I looked really weird with the pricks and doing all these things to my face that I should never have done,” she said in an interview for The Sunday Times.

Once the implants were removed, he decided to share the before and after on his networks. “There came a point where I said, ‘I have to stop. This is crazy.’


Star of nineties films such as Executive Secretary and Lolita: A Forbidden Passion, she acknowledged in a talk with Porter magazine in 2017 that the surgeries she had undergone “for more than two decades” had completely changed her face.

“I didn’t realize it until people started talking about it. ‘Oh my God, what’s been done?’ That hurt me a lot. I went to a different doctor and he started dissolving all the shit the previous doctor had given me.” put on my face. Luckily, I look more normal now,” he shared.

They regret their arrangements

Chrissy Teigen

The wife of singer John Legend increased her bust when she was 20 years old. Years later she repented and had the implants removed.

“It was more of a swimsuit thing, I thought: ‘If I’m going to pose lying on my back, I want them to be very smooth and happy!’; But then you have babies and they fill with milk and deflate, and now I’m fucked”.

Motherhood changed her life, as she explained in the same interview with Glamour, and thought about the risks of operations chest that entail a change and update every 10 years.

They regret their arrangements


The only procedure the 49-year-old Iron Man star regrets is Botox.

“I’ve already tried a lot of things, I’m a little scared to go under the knife, but, you know, ask me again when I’m 50 years old,” he confessed to Harper’s Bazaar when he just turned 40.

“I’ll try anything. The only thing I’m not going to do again is Botox, because she looked crazy, she looked like (comedian) Joan Rivers!”

They regret their arrangements


The Oscar winner for her portrayal of Virginia Woolf in the film The Hours reluctantly confessed that she had used Botox in the past, but was not happy with the result.

“No surgeries. I tried botox, unfortunately, but I stopped and now, finally, I can move my face again,” he told the Italian newspaper La Repubblica.

About her beauty secrets, the Australian referred to remedies that did not include going through the operating room.

“I always wear sunscreen, I don’t smoke and I take care of myself by exercising, I’m very proud of that.”

They regret their arrangements


In an open letter to her past self, published in the British edition of Vogue magazine in 2017, Posh Spice gave a series of advice to her young version, among which was not to have surgery on her breasts.

“Let your skin breathe, wear less makeup. And I should probably add: don’t touch your boobs. All these years I’ve been in denial. It’s stupid. A symptom of insecurity. Just celebrate what you have,” the designer wrote. fashion.

They regret their arrangements


The actress has always advocated the importance of accepting age. Proof of this is “The Book of Longevity´. Live Strong, Live Better; The Art of Aging Well” (2016).

  • In its pages it encouraged to look at old age in a positive way. However, the interpreter she confessed on Entertainment Tonight, in 2014, having tried Botox on one occasion, something that she does not intend to repeat.

“It changed my face in such a strange way that I thought, ‘No, I don’t want this.’ I’d rather see my aged face than one that doesn’t belong to me at all.”

They regret their arrangements

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