Celebrities who were recommended not to come out of the closet

Although now they speak with pride about who they are, some famous men and women were recommended not to come out of the closet.

Coming out —or not— from the closet is a personal decisionbut some famous Y some famous they faced ‘recommendations’ not to talk about it. Most were given the argument that they would ‘ruin their careers’.

Also, in certain cases the ‘advice’ was accompanied by threats. Also, it is known that some companies in the entertainment industry resorted to extremely violent strategies to prevent stars from living their sexuality freely.

Famous men and women of classic Hollywood cinema (golden-age) who were recommended not to come out of the closet

In the first half of the 20th century, Hollywood studios resorted to so-called ‘lavender marriages’. Namely, arranged marriages for the purpose of hiding the sexual orientation of LGBT+ people in show business.

They were one of the most recurrent and violent practices between the 1920s and 1960s. lavender marriages They were mainly driven by Universal Studios.

He was Gary Grant. / Photo: MUBI

Among the stars who were forced into a marriage union were jean acker (it was said that her wedding with Rudolf Valentine was motivated by rumors that she was a lesbian), Cary Grant (noted actor for his work with Audrey Hepburn Y sophia loren), Danny Caye (Oscar and Golden Globe Award winner), Rock Hudson (Fighting Squad, 1948), judy garland (Wizard of Oz1939) and Barbara Stanwyck (Honorary winner of the Oscar Awards).

Judy Garland / Photo: Fanpop

Josephine Baker

Dancer, singer, actress, spy against the army of the Third Reich and part of the French resistance, Josephine Baker She was one of the celebrities who was recommended on multiple occasions not to come out of the closet. She was married to Jo Bouillon, Jean Lyon William Howard Baker, and Willie Wells.

It is rumored that he was also one of the stars involved in the lavender marriages. Although historians suggest that he had some romantic ties to women (including Frida Kahlo), Joséphine never spoke about her sexual orientation. They constantly told him that it could affect the course of his career.

Joséphine Baker was one of the most famous actresses. / Photo: France24


To continue with this list of celebrities who were recommended not to come out of the closet, we turn to latitude and time. singer and model Go Tae Seob (better known as Holland) is one of the LGBT+ K-pop figures. Your song “Neverland”, in addition to his debut, was an open letter about his sexuality. Although today there are more idols who speak on the subject, it was not something simple.

In an interview with GayTimes He said that, as a gay man, suffered a lot bullying school. In turn, when asked about his experience of coming outHolland stressed that “it was difficult.” Also, she gave some of the reasons why idols they do not usually speak publicly about their sexual orientation and gender identity:

“I would tell people to think hard about the consequences before coming out. In South Korea, the consequences of becoming a K-pop idol are tremendous because they are in a position where they need to be loved by as many people as possible.”

Fortunately, Holland assured that he had the support of his family and work team. MEET OTHER LGBT+ K-POP FIGURES.

Holland is one of the LGBT+ referents in South Korea. / Photo: Wikipedia

Matt Dallas is among the celebrities who were recommended —and above all demanded— not to come out of the closet

Known for his role in the fictional series Kyle XY, Matt Dallas is one of the LGBT+ celebrities who were ‘suggested’ by their producer to keep quiet about their sexuality. In 2019, years after coming out as a gay man, recounted being told by executives at ABC Family (now Freeform) “to stay in the closet, go to the gym and go to the premieres will be shown on the arm of a girl».

Intimidated and unconvinced by the ‘advice’, the decision was taken from him and led him “to disconnect from who he really is”. Fortunately, Matt found the time to discuss his sexual orientation and Since 2015, he has been married to songwriter and singer Blue James Hamilton..

Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart is one of the celebrities who are not comfortable with labels. She has been related to men and women and in 2021 confirmed his commitment to the producer Dylan Mayer.

However, she was one of the diverse women that the industry not only recommended but almost forced to hide the way in which they live their sexuality. In an interview with Sophie Elmnhirst (Harper’s Bazaar), the protagonist of spencer (2021) exposed the condition that they put on him to work on a film of Marvel:

«I have been told completely: “Do yourself a favor. Don’t hold hands with your girlfriend in public and you could get a Marvel movie.” I don’t want to work with people like that.”

Kristen Stewart / Photo: Facebook (kristenstewart88)

Anne Heche and Elle DeGeneres

Anne Heche Y Elle DeGeneres They became one of the most famous couples of the late 90s. But it was not only due to their photos on the red carpets or the purchase of the residence in the Hollywood Hills.

Both faced threats and reprisals for appearing in public. Before attending the premiere of volcano (1997), the executives of Fox Anne was told that if she introduced Ellen as her partner they would withdraw her contract. Added to it, warned him that his work with actor Harrison Ford in the film Six Days, Seven Nights could be affected.

Despite the rating of your program (Ellenalso know as These Friends of Mine), the television presenter suffered her withdrawal from the programmatic bar of ABC. THIS WAS THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN ELLEN DEGENERES AND ANNE HECHE.

Ellen and Anne in the premiere of volcano in 1997 / Photo: yahoo

Jonathan Bailey

As he began to approach fame for his role in Bridgertonthe environment of the show pressured Jonathan Bailey to come out of the closet. However, when comments were made about his sexual orientation, the also actor of Groove High I remembered that a friend told him there were 2 things you shouldn’t know: if he had a drinking problem or if he was gay.

Like many young LGBT+ people, much of her puberty and adolescence was trying to hide who she is. He was convinced that “to be happy he needed to be heterosexual.” Jonathan Bailey discussed his sexual orientation with his family until he was over 20 years old. LOOK WHO JONATHAN BAILEY’S POTENTIAL BOYFRIEND IS.

He didn’t always feel safe talking about his sexual orientation. / Image: Instagram (@jbayleyafans)

Raymix is ​​one of the famous Mexicans who were suggested not to come out of the closet

In June 2020, Edmund Gomez Moreno (raymix), aeronautical engineer and electrocumbia singer, uploaded a video to his YouTube channel and Instagram account in which he revealed that he is a gay man. CHECK OUT OTHER GAY CELEBRITIES WHO CAME OUT ON INSTAGRAM.

Although today he is proud to be who he is, in an interview with Griselda Flores (Billboard) commented:

“Can you believe that in 2020 there are people in the industry who told me not to make this video? That I should stay quiet and pretend to be the person I’m not because I wouldn’t be successful. They told me that the public is not prepared for an artist who sings cumbia or regional Mexican music [se declare gay]. Today with so much pride I want to tell you that I am gay. And if you ask me what will change after this message, the answer is: nothing.

Christian Chavez

Another of the famous Mexicans who were recommended not to come out of the closet is the singer and actor Christian Chavez. And it is that, in reality, the former RBD member was made outing.

After photos were leaked next to her ex-husband BJ Murphy In Canada, the executive Peter Damian He proposed 2 alternatives: say that “it had been a montage” or talk about the subject and “face it”.

For his part, when the actor told his family that he had decided to talk about his sexual orientation, his father told him that his career “was over.” “I came out of the closet to hide again”he maintained in his speech with the Human Rights Campaign. THIS WAS WHAT CHRISTIAN CHÁVEZ FACED AFTER BEING TAKEN OUT OF THE CLOSET.

Christian Chavez / Photo: Instagram (@christianchavezreal)

Do you remember more famous men and women who have been ‘suggested’ not to come out of the closet?

With information from History, Them, GayTimes, Harper’s Bazaar Y Billboard

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