Celebrity Fitness: Platypus Squat: Jennifer Lopez’s Glute Exercise

Elena Romero Vargas

Jennifer Lopez, besides being a more than consolidated star in music and acting, is a
beauty icon, and the key to your success lies in leading a healthy lifestyle and exercising. One of the star movements that, in addition, is responsible for showing firm buttocks and legs, is the
platypus squata special variant with great benefits.

squats platypus are a complete exercise that, although it focuses on
legs Y
buttocks, serves to work the whole body. You just need discipline and perseverance in your training. A good technique is essential to enjoy all its advantages. If you combine this exercise with a
complete training routinein a short time you will see the results.

To do a platypus squat you need to position yourself with your
legs shoulder width apart and the tips of the feet facing outwards, in a position of
plie. Lower the hip forming a 90ยบ angle with your legs and, in this position,
walk a few steps forward and others backward.

The key to this exercise lies in
hold position and prevent the knees from overstretching or bending. You have to have control over the technique and notice the
Pressure Over the
quadriceps and the
buttocks to know that you are doing the exercise correctly. Perform three sets of
8 and 12 repetitions each. The walk in this position should last a few
40 seconds for it to be effective.

Woman doing squats/PEXELS

Who can do platypus squats

The platypus squats are characterized by being an exercise of the most
accessible. No equipment needed, just your own
body weight in order to do it correctly. Furthermore, it is an exercise in
Low impactso if you are not used to physical exercise it will not take much effort to start with it.

If you want to enhance its effect and you feel ready to
upload the
rhythm and the
intensity of training, try combining it with other exercises such as
traditional squats either
cardio. Although this exercise also serves to burn fat, high-impact exercises help
speed up metabolism and, therefore, to lose weight if that is what you are looking for.

Once again, it is important to remember that success lies in the correct execution of the
technique. Bad posture can lead to
injuries knee or joints. To avoid problems, put yourself in the hands of a
professional to guide you when it comes to doing this exercise well and enjoying all its advantages.

Women doing squats/PEXLES

Benefits of platypus squats

In addition to being
suitable for all people and to be excellent for
tone legs and buttocksThis exercise has other great benefits. One of the great advantages is the
ease when running it. Once you have controlled the steps and know the keys to do it well, it is very
simple Y
dynamicAnd it also doesn’t take much time.

This exercise complemented with a
good hydration and the
proper nutrition helps muscle growth and development, and also joint protection. Like all exercise routines, it is not the same if it is not complemented by the right lifestyle. Follow the guidelines of the Bronx Diva to get a similar body and to
beef up you
Health Y

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