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Can you imagine having eternally young skin like Jennifer Lopez’s? And a natural style like that of Selena Gomez? Or to be able to imitate Ariana Grande? It’s possible. All thanks to the entrepreneurial spark of many celebrities who have sought to expand their professional activity and become beauty entrepreneurs.

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From models, actresses, and singers, the market for skin care, hair care, and makeup has grown and diversified. In addition, as public figures, the brands of the celebrities They offer the products and care tips that they apply to always look so good. And who wouldn’t want to look like them?

Or them? Because Brad Pitt’s brand, “Le Domaine”, confirms that women are not the only ones who take care of themselves, men do too. These are just a few examples of stars who have their own cosmetic, makeup or hygiene brands.

1. Selena Gomez

The singer and actress, one of the people with the most followers on Instagram, always gives something to talk about both for her professional life and for her fight against lupus or in favor of mental health. Therefore, it is not surprising that her beauty mark is impregnated with that character even in the title, “Rare Beauty”. under the concept body positiveYour company is committed to diversity. “We must be true to ourselves because that is what makes us beautiful,” said the actress on her brand’s website. The success has been overwhelming, being one of the top beauty brands and one of the most successful of those created by celebrities. The star product is its liquid and cream blushes.

2. Millie Bobby Brown

Brown is also known for her role as ‘Enola Holmes’.


Instagram: @milliebobbybrown

At 18, Millie Bobby Brown is a youth icon. the protagonist of stranger things rose to fame at the height of puberty and is one of the youngest performers to be nominated for an Emmy. Also, She is already a businesswoman with the beauty brand “Florence by mills”, in honor of her grandmother and focused on young audiences like her. For this reason, its products have a casual and innocent air and leave a natural finish. And it is that, according to Millie, “you are never too young to use moisturizer”. For this reason, the brand, vegan, sustainable and cruelty-freehas collections of cosmetics, makeup, and even hair accessories.

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3.Kylie Jenner

Jenner was one of the pioneers in this of the beauty brands launched by celebrities and, in addition, one of the most successful in doing so. Both “Kylie Cosmetics”, founded in 2014, and the “Kylie Skin” line, are part of the reason why in 2018 Jenner was, according to the Forbes list, “the world’s youngest billionaire.” And it is that its lip makeup products have become the basic of many women.

4. Victoria Beckham

The ex-Spice Girl, who has already collaborated with a brand as prestigious as Estée Lauder, launched “Victoria Beckham Beauty” in 2019, a high-end firm with cosmetic, makeup and perfumery products. Beckham opted for the luxury and exclusivity of products not suitable for all budgets, but perhaps that is why it is one of the favorites among professionals. The brand stands out for its anti-aging products.

5.Ariana Grande

The singer is another of the most successful artists of recent years. And, despite her skepticism when she decided to take the plunge and launch her brand “REM Beauty”, her makeup products are being well received. With a futuristic aesthetic in its packaging, the line of lip products stands out above all, especially the lip oil in oil format. And now, a line designed to achieve eyebrows like Ariana’s.

Model Hayley Baldwin is the daughter of actor Stephen Baldwin.


Hayley Baldwin’s Instagram

6.Hayley Bieber

The model Hailey Baldwin Bieber launched, in 2022, “Rhode”, a vegan cosmetics brand, cruelty-free and sustainable. Her products, Hayley promised, will give you “skin like a glazed doughnut.” The collection of three products (serum, face cream and lip treatment) sold out within hours of its launch. The firm has a minimalist philosophy, with few products and ingredients that are accessible.

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7. Lady Gaga

Although at first his brand did not have the expected reception, now it is giving people something to talk about. Its motto is “our house, your rules”. “Haus Laboratories”, from “Haus of Gaga”, was founded in 2012, but ceased its activity. Nevertheless, in 2019 he returned after five years with a new line of cosmetics and makeup that join the old perfumes.

8.Brad Pitt

Beauty is not just for women. They too can enjoy the benefits of good cosmetics and launch their brands. At the end of 2022, Brad Pitt surprised the world with the release of “Le Domaine”. They are skin care products, which have no gender, and in which the antioxidant power of grape seeds plays a leading role.


In 2017 he launched “Fenty Beauty”, which came to fill a niche: that of makeup bases for all skin tones. This included black and dark skin, “abandoned” so far by brands, since Rihanna offered 40 possible shades in her product. After the overwhelming success, she launched “Fenty Skin” for cosmetics.

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10. Vanessa Hudges and Maddison Beer

the protagonist of High School Musical and the singer of musicwho matched their acne and oily skin types and felt a lack of products on the market for them, joined forces with dermatologist Karen Kagha through “Know Beauty”. Its personalization cosmetics adapts to each person’s skin type.


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