Celia Lora left her green aviator jacket unbuttoned

Since she was a little girl, she always dreamed of becoming a model like the ones the magazines looked at, the beautiful mexicanCelia Lora, has shown that if it is really her passion, posing in front of a camera fills her with satisfaction and top quality results are her specialty.

On this occasion she wanted to make us an attentive invitation with a photograph that left her fans surprised, modeling and leaving her green aviator jacket unbuttoned, one that by the way is made of a material that looks like latex, super flirty and willing to continue creating. the best content for your page monthly subscription.

The photo quickly managed to attract the attention of Internet users who dedicated themselves to sharing it and giving it their “I like it”, Gathering thousands of interactions and proving once again that she has a loyal fan base that is very attentive to everything she uploads, many of them accepting said invitation and joining to enjoy these contents are free that she makes with great affection.

In the comments we can see how Internet users do not stop praising her, flattering her and of course declaring that great love and attraction they feel for her, sometimes with comments that are a little high in tone, but it is something that she has gotten used to after so many years in this industry.

There is no doubt that the piece of entertainment shows how committed she is to her work that has given her so much satisfaction and that now maintains her as one of the creators of content that generates the highest income on this page only for fans.


Celia Lora / Instagram

Celia Lora shares previews and invitations to her content on her Twitter.

Celia Lora is showing that she is one of the best models in her country, one of the best paid and now being sought after by the magazine that has been considered one of the most important of all time in its content.

She was recently participating in a cover for the rabbit magazine in Mexico and will also be participating in a delivery in the United States, becoming the first Mexican model to do this work, truly admirable.

We invite you to keep an eye on Show News so you can find out about this next release, the best content of the model and many of her companions, as well as to find out about the best news from the world of entertainment, entertainment and much more. plus.

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