Celia Lora takes a shower in front of the cameras to raise the temperature

The popular Mexican model and influencerCelia Lora, has been in the spotlight thanks to her recent participation with the famous “rabbit magazine”, also producing her own content for social networks, “fan-only” platforms, her Youtube and more.

This popular content creator does not stop working hard and giving us pieces of entertainment that make her public and on this occasion he was in charge of raising the temperature of his fans with a photo in which he appears bathing in front of the cameras.

The young woman was taking a shower while using one of her beach suits most beautiful black color, an interesting proposal that his Internet followers could not miss to appreciate and share.

They quickly gave her a like and also dedicated themselves to commenting on a few compliments for the famous woman, who of course closed her eyes and dedicated herself to enjoying the photoshoot.

In addition, through his Instagram stories he posted some videos where we could see behind the scenes of the creation of the cover page for the aforementioned magazine, memorable moments that, like this photograph, received a lot of attention.


Celia Lora / Instagram

Celia Lora continues to share her engaging pieces of content.

There were more than 67,000 people who gave her their interaction, the truth is that Celia Lora has everything to continue succeeding and most importantly that successful attitude, driving herself with her desire to continue growing and achieving goals.

The beautiful daughter of Alex Lora, vocalist of the legendary Mexican rock band El Tri, has been in charge of creating her own fame, from a very young age she always watched the content magazines of the models, they did not stop showing off and demonstrating their great power, something that she longed for and now enjoys practicing.

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