Cellulite, stretch marks and the imperfections of the stars: this is how privacy becomes manifest


If there is something intimate and unconfessable, which until recently would have belonged to the most stubborn sphere of privacy, it is the defects (presumed as such) or in any case the uniqueness of the body, skin, face. Details once kept hidden, or corrected in photoshop, which today are instead proudly exhibited in a sort of manifesto offemale empowerment.

They proudly assert their uniqueness, they are the particular versus the universal, the (more or less active) resistance to dictates arbitrarily imposed by an ordinary and retrograde society that would like us all to be equal and homologated.

The truth is only one: imperfect bodies are perfect. And thanks to hashtags like #bodypositivity, which has recorded 15 billion views on TikTok to date, or #skinpositive (170 million views), finally all this is now in the public domain.

The narration of these intimate details, however, draws on a very private dimension, from which to participate in the existence of stars and divas otherwise apparently distant and inaccessible: these days Ashley Graham tells about her second motherhood (two twins, two other “boys” who will go to keep company with Isaac, the eldest son) also proudly showing the changing body and the stretch marks on the belly. Bianca Balti, three days ago, he posted on his Instagram shots in costume by the sea confessing “I never like myself in the photos. I look old, you can see it there cellulite, the pose doesn’t work ”. Among the best known Italian stars abroad, the actress Matilda De Angelis – protagonist of the new film by Sergio Castellitto The emotional material, in theaters since October 7, some time ago she “outed” her acne, clearing the problem and a week ago talking about the acne marks on her face she declared “very proud of my scars“.


In the past, many stars have come out on flaws or small physical imperfections: Kim Kardashian showed psoriasis problems (“don’t let psoriasis ruin your life”) on the face and body, Rihanna leg hair, Demi Lovato has proven not to have the thigh gap “And yet i still love myself”, Jameela Jamil showed the stretch marks on her breasts calling them “badge of honor for resisting society’s weaponizing of the female form”, Drew Barrymore flaunted her thick eyebrows, Hilary Duff cellulite asserting “Ladies, we are proud of what we have and stop wasting precious time dreaming of being different and perfect ”. Even Chiara Ferragni, in a photo of some time shows a (hint) of cellulite saying “we all have it, it depends on the framing of the photo and the light. Normalize human bodies“!

By piercing the blanket of one’s privacy in this way, these details become a political act. To reiterate what the “frailties” become instead strengths that make us more sincere and authentic, more faithful to ourselves and therefore, often, invincible.

@chiaraferragni (August, 2020).


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