Cercado de Lima: Older adult with vision problems gets an appointment at the Chincha Polyclinic

good news came for manuel desulovich alcorta Who received medical appointment in ophthalmology specialization Chincha Polyclinic for this October 4th so that an ophthalmologist can see the condition of your eyes.

Let us remember that Manuel sought help through the RPP Noticias Rotaphone, so that he could get a medical appointment and find out the status of his macular degeneration because as the days went by, the vision in his right eye was already blurred. Had a vision.

“I tried unsuccessfully for 12 days to get it (appointment) but I couldn’t, if it weren’t for you Rotafono de RPP, I think we would be in the same conditions until next end of the month and I’m grateful again Am,” he said. Desulovich Alcorta.

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manuel desulovich alcorta contacted him rpp news rotaphone To ask for help and request an appointment at an ophthalmology specialty Chincha de Esalud Polyclinic Due to serious problems in both his eyes, he is at risk of becoming blind.

manuel has macular degeneration, A disorder that destroys the patient’s central vision if not treated in time. The older adult contacted the above mentioned health center through telephone call, however, he did not get any successful response in this regard and he is still waiting for the much needed appointment.

Manuel is very worried as he begins to show the first symptoms. He adult over 77 years of age He told that his vision in his right eye is very blurred.

older adults with comorbidities

Desulovich Alcorta has not only vision problems, as doctors diagnosed him 18 months ago Type I ventricular dysfunction, A disease that forces you to exercise strict control over the medical tests that are performed.

Manuel requests the authorities of the health clinic and hopes that he can be given this appointment to carry out adequate and accurate control regarding his suffering from macular degeneration.

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