Cervello Hospital, Roberta Fedele new director of the transfusion and transplant medicine department

Roberta Fedele will lead the complex operational unit of transfusion medicine and transplants of the Cervello hospital for the next 5 years. “The reorganization of strategic units and the recruitment of high-level professionals to ensure high standards of quality of care to our patients continues – comments Walter Messina, general manager of the Hospitals Villa Sofia-Cervello company in Palermo”.

Graduated from the University of Messina and specialized in Allergology and Clinical Immunology, Fedele also boasts a PhD in International Experimental Immunology and several internships abroad and in Italy, from the Karolinska Institutet of Stockholm in Sweden, to the National Cancer Institute of Bethesda, USA, passing through the Niguarda Hospital in Milan, and the Department of Transfusion Medicine or Biotechnology Center – Stem Cells and Cell Therapy Laboratory of the San Camillo Forlanini Hospital in Rome.

New coordinator Sidem (Italian Society of Hemapheresis and Cellular Manipulation) of the Sicily region, he has a qualifying professional path behind him at the Bianchi Melacrino Morelli Hospital in Reggio Calabria, today a large metropolitan hospital “Bianchi Melacrino Morelli” in the Hematology with transplant sector ( Ctmo) and cell manipulation laboratory. Former director of the UOC of Transfusion Medicine at the “Papardo” Hospital of Messina: unit that, under his direction, was appointed “Blood Establishment leader of Transfusion Services” of the Sicilian Region to participate in the European project “Emergency Support Instrument (ESI) funding application “(project approved and funded by the European Commission). He contributed to the preparation, execution and follow-up management of over 800 haematopoietic stem cell transplants, of which over 240 allogeneic (over 145 from HLA-compatible family donors, over 40 from haplotype-identical family donors, over 55 from registered volunteer donors) and over 560 autologous. He has also carried out, among other things, over 500 collections of stem cells from peripheral blood with staminaferesis; over 560 extracorporeal photochemotherapy procedures; 9 bone marrow explants; 160 infusions of allogeneic lymphocytes.

Fedele, former member of the Technical-Scientific Support Committee of the Regional Blood Center and of the “Working Group for the revision of the specific authorization requirements for the exercise of health activities and for the organization of training courses on the subject”, as well as of the “Working group of the heads of the Transfusional Services identified by our Region for the collection of hyperimmune plasma from convalescence, she was scientific reviewer for the journals Expert Opinion on Hematology and Clinical experimental medicine.

Co-author of over 130 abstracts for national and international conferences and of several publications in impacted journals. Winner, for the presentation of a scientific work, of “Case Report Presenter Grant” at Ebmt (European Group for Bone Marrow Transplants) Complications and Quality of Life Working Party Educational Course “Thinking Outside the Box: Going beyond Survival after Stem Cell Transplant ”and winner of the“ Caminiti ”study prize.

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