César Augusto Giraldo, one of the pioneers of forensic medicine in Medellín, died

Cesar Augusto Giraldo Giraldo, one of the pioneers and most respected leaders of forensic medicine in Medellin, passed away this Thursday, June 30. Although so far no further details are known, EL COLOMBIANO was able to confirm that the doctor died at the Pablo Tobón Uribe hospital facilities around 8:00 at night.

Since the 1970s, Giraldo was one of the main promoters of forensic medicine in the city at a time when, despite having more than 1,163,000 inhabitants, the municipality still did not have adequate infrastructure for the practice of this discipline.

What pathologist and professor at the University of Antioquia and the CES, Giraldo not only promoted this field from practice, but also left an extensive legacy in books such as “Forensic Medicine”, a work published in 1984 and one of the obligatory reference titles on this subject. Likewise, the teacher left dozens of academic articles.

In 2019, Giraldo Giraldo received the Honoris Causa distinction by the CES University, as a tribute to his contributions to Antioquia medicine. At that institution, the doctor then served as scientific advisor to the Center for Law and Health Studies.

“I thank you infinitely because the only thing I have done is be loyal to my work, work honestly and with total dedication,” the doctor said at the time.

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