César Montes made his debut with Espanyol, played 120′ and advanced in CopaMediotiempo

Power8 Stadium, Spain /

The first big news Mexican soccer player in Europe arrived this tuesday with Cesar Monteswho made his triumphant debut with Espanyol in the Copa del Rey against Celta de Vigo in a match that forced the former Rayados to “work overtime” because the duel went into overtime, in which the Catalans sentenced him 3-1.

Receiving the confidence of coach Diego Martínez with less than a week of training in Barcelona, Cachorro Montes looked very good behind the Periquitoswho since mid-October have not managed to zero their fence within LaLiga and this day they began losing at home to the Galicians.

Gonçalo Paciencia put Celta ahead at minute 15, being the only goal of the first period. For the complement, Espanyol improved remarkably and it was a bit of Javi Puado at 53′ the one that matched the electronic one, which could well have opted for the locals before they were forced into extra time.

Sergi Darder at 97′ gave the advantage to the Periquitos to the happiness of the thousands of attendees, who on more than one occasion applauded the defensive actions of the Mexican Montes, who could make his LaLiga debut on Saturday the 7th against Girona, also at home.

Expulsion to Marchesín for ‘trunk’

Another old acquaintance of the Liga MX as is the Argentine Agustín Marchesín was sent off at minute 112 cupbearer party by “trunk”. To the goalkeeper of Celta de Vigo the ball was advanced after a feint that did not go as expected, he was swept out of the area and, although the contact was not violent, the referee showed him the second yellow.

True to his style and with his hands shrunken like an Italian, Marche claimed the decision of the center-back when his team, at that time, was losing 2-1 on the scoreboard. His field partner, Hugo Mallo, put on his gloves to act as an impromptu goalkeeper and they scored the third with a long-distance shot from Nico Melamed at 118′.

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