CFMoto SR-C21, the Chinese superbike of the future

In a year with heavy absences also on the side of the Eicma fairings, however, there is no shortage of sports and super sports cars. The surprise among so many certainties comes from China, with a brand that is now particularly at ease in Europe: CFMoto SR-C21, the concept of the super sports car of tomorrow.

The details

The look says it all, and has nothing to envy to future and possible long-term competitors. Aggressive and blunt design, optical LED signature on the windshield with an original inverted L shape that is also found at the rear. On the fairings there are aerodynamic appendages that are paired with a very respectable equipment: Ohlins fork, Brembo monobloc radial mount calipers, 6-spoke rims worn by Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa and a nice single-sided swingarm. The concept also boasts a SC Project double tailpipe and adjustable footpegs.

The engine

All this good things cannot but make us think that under the fairings there is, or rather there will be, an engine with important numbers. Probably equal to or greater than one liter of displacement, perhaps derived from KTM’s LC8 in-line twin with which a collaboration was born years ago that sees CFMoto as having the right to use the Mattighofen schemes.

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