Cgcom requests single command of the Interterritorial

The General Council of Official Colleges of Physicians (Cgcom) has claimed that the Interterritorial Council assume the roadmap to follow in the face of the new covid threat posed by the opening of China’s borders. In this sense, he defends that the CISN “should assume the leading role and a unique voice in this scenario.”

In a statement, the organization chaired by Tomaás Cobo has highlighted that the epidemic wave of Covid-19 in the People’s Republic of China is a cause for concern throughout the world. “The lack of transparency and the relaxation of the Public Health policies of the Chinese authorities justify this concern; in addition, the coincidence with the start of the pandemic two years ago from Wuhan creates a certain social alarm,” he pointed out.

He adds that experts endorse caution, although not the alarmsince in Europe and particularly in Spain the vaccination immunization or having suffered from the disease creates a protection that would make it practically impossible to repeat the traumatic experience of the first wave.

However, there is a logical concern about the situation in China: the prospect of hundreds of thousands, or perhaps millions of cases of SARS-COV-2 In a population with a low level of immunity, it anticipates a morbidity and mortality that can be dramatic, as well as an overflow of its care resources; but it also means giving opportunities to the coronavirus to generate new variants or sub-variants that can spread globally. What is foreseeable is that the virus mutations increase its contagiousness, but reduce its severity and lethality; However, the principles of preparation and prudence force us to take measures to anticipate a possible new wave.

For these purposes, it is important that the World Health Organization, as an international health authority, have the capacity and power to carry out its function of global epidemiological surveillance, and monitor the evolution of the pandemic in China. The European Union should also coordinate active surveillance measures to control the possible spread of Covid-19.

Covid situation in Spain

In Spain, border control measures have already been proposed (tests and vaccination certificates with vaccines authorized by the WHO for passengers from China), active surveillance and sequencing of samples to analyze the appearance of variants, and encouragement of covid vaccination in the Spanish population (particularly in age groups where a certain delay in revaccination has been observed).

The CGCOM considers that in the current context the entry of citizens from China must have the double condition of a negative PCR test, as well as the covid vaccination certificate.

“Coordination between central and regional health authorities is essential, and this situation must be avoided as the reason for a new political controversy: the SNS has an institutional and organizational framework for decision-making whose core, andl Interterritorial Council, should assume the leading role and a unique voice on this stage”, he highlights.

Recently, the General Council of Physicians has made a call for the use of masks is maintained, although it is not mandatory, in a series of situations, so that the population most at risk can protect themselves, and so that we all collaborate to protect the most fragile. These respiratory and microbiological hygiene habits can end up being very useful in modulating the spread of respiratory viral diseases, which is essential in a situation of saturation of health services.

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