“Chain Reaction”, Keanu Reeves and Morgan Freeman cold alchemy on TV tonight


Chicago, while the metropolis lives among the night lights, in a laboratory, among test tubes and fumes as if from potions, the discovery of the century is attempted: cold fusion. An energy derived from hydrogen, therefore clean, low cost, which would upset the economic equilibrium of the world linked to oil. An “action” researcher, not standing behind a microscope but fugitive and prepared to escape, (Keanu Reeves), is the mind responsible for this powerful and non-polluting fuel, which will attract the interest of the deviant secret services. “Chain reaction”, tonight on tv, you weren’t too comfortable.

Colleagues disagree on whether or not to disclose the discovery. When a mercenary commando raids. Eddie Kasalivich (Keanu Reeves), returning to the laboratory during the night, he will find the dead scientists, the destroyed equipment, and the overheating reactor ignited, so as to detonate it along with all the laboratory machinery. The protagonist manages to leave the building before the outbreak, but will begin a series of escapes, misdirections, chases, shootings, at a high rate of improbability, which will put him in the condition of a perennial fugitive. Why, framed with false evidence, and blamed for the disaster following the discovery in his home, of espionage equipment. Two people run better, and the colleague (Rachel Weisz) Doctor Lily Sinclair.

Chain reaction, the hot one

“They pay me to do dirty jobs, the ones nobody wants to deal with.” He says Paul Shannon (the great Morgan Freeman), leader of the research team, tonight on tv in “Chain reaction“. The film is from 1996 directed by Andrew Davis, the same as de “The fugitive“. Keanu Reeves must have the face of a researcher with the knowledge of a Nobel Prize. But he will end up with scratches on his face, and that blood wound never disinfected, which serves to make him a hard and desirable man. Also in the cast Fred Ward And Joanna Cassidy. There is a cameo of the then unknown Michael Shannon, as a delivery boy delivering flowers driving a van. It seems that the violent explosion, the raw material of the film, was shot in an old abandoned steel factory, which served as a set for the interior and exterior of the shooting, also using miniatures in the scenes if necessary.

Eddie, in the kitchen only by mistake: “Tonight for dinner we can choose between sardines and … sardines“. Before starting shooting, Keanu Reeves had a back injury while playing hockey. He still managed to take part in the film, but the long rest to which the actor was forced, had burdened him with several kilos of weight, so as to appear different from usual, to the most attentive. There is nothing really scientific about the plot. The only combustion in the film is the mixture of action and breathlessness.


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