Challengeable questions MIR 2023, first exam candidates

past the euphoria after finishing the MIR exam, opponents and specialist doctors have launched into social networks willing to solve some of the questions in the exam notebook, even to point out those that could be challenged. Although many prefer not to consult anything and wait for the individual result of their test, others appreciate the solutions that have been shared to get an idea of ​​what their score may be.

Advising that the answers are not official and there may be mistakes, a doctor neurology resident He has broken down question by question each question referring to his specialty of this MIR 2023. In his argument, he has indicated to the opponents that there is a possibility, from his point of view, of challenging the second statement for having an error.

“The hemorrhage It’s frontal, not parietal, although I would say they want you to answer that one because they want to show a typical case of lobar hemorrhage from amyloid angiopathy. Hypertensive hemorrhages are typical in the basal ganglia,” explains the resident.

Answers to the MIR questions of Pediatrics

“Trick question” is the conclusion of a second year resident that you have detected among the statements of Pediatrics a word that can lead to confusion. Remember that “vaccination is not mandatory” although it is recommended for all pediatric patients. Despite this, he includes in his assessment that “in general” the questions in this specialty “have been affordable”. However, he highlights two issues that have been able to generate more doubts are “glycogenosis and vaccination that are going to do harm. The rest mix between very easy but other discriminating.”

Answers to MIR Family questions

ruben white is a four-year resident of Family and Community Medicine. Although he warns that “there are still questions to be analyzed” from this MIR 2023 exam notebook, he has carried out an extensive analysis of the issues related to his specialty that have taken center stage in this test.

In your case, White he also believes there are several contestable questions in his specialty. One of them is 56. “I would mark naproxen because the risk of ulcer recurrence could be attenuated with PPIs, while the increased cardiovascular risk of celecoxib in relation to naproxen cannot be eliminated by any other measure”.

On the other hand, the resident He also sees question number 92 as contestable. “Another one that I see challengeable. What do we want benzodiazepine for? Insomnia, anxiety, agitation? In what profile of an old man? Polymedicated, chronic kidney disease, liver disease? I would throw myself at 4, but because choosing one of the others would be very challenging.”

More doubts arise with the question 127 which it classifies as “very doubtful and probably challengeable.” In his argument, he alleges that “he would mark 4 because what is going to reduce mortality is quitting tobacco. If in the end it is necessary to choose a bronchodilator, GOLD 2023 does not establish advantages between one and the other and GESEPOC prefers LAMA.”

Among all the issues analyzed from his experience, the resident detects that there is a cast with “bad grapes”. Question 81, for which he argues: “The amenorrhea It ceased to be a diagnostic criterion for anorexia in the DSM-V despite being in the previous ones. In addition, it included the binge-eating variant, which differs from bulimia by being underweight and less frequently binge-eating.”

The Allergology specialty has also added a possible contestable question, according to the analysis carried out by specialists in social networks. “Question 36 was wrong in the statement and they should have put which is the CORRECT one. Absolutely contestable question,” says a allergist doctor.

The information published in Redacción Médica contains affirmations, data and statements from official institutions and health professionals. However, if you have any questions related to your health, consult your corresponding health specialist.

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