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-After the General Inspectorate of Justice instructed the Jockey Club to “respect gender diversity” and ordered that the entity’s governing bodies “must be made up of the same number of female and male members”, many people suddenly acquired awareness that despite the progress of the 21st century, there are territories that continue to be exclusively male.

The cinema has repeatedly dealt with the issue of the struggle of some women to cross the walls that, almost always, were built by prejudice. In the list of productions that made history is “In the land of men” (2005)

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It is based on the true story of a woman who in 1975 broke the barriers of gender discrimination. One of the first cases in which a judge agreed with a woman. Josey Aimes is a mother who has to work very hard to pay the bills in the iron ore mines of Minnesota. Tired of enduring countless harassments, which go beyond insults, she decides to file a lawsuit for sexual harassment.

The film is directed by Niki Caro and features a cast led by Charlize Theron and including Thomas Curtis, Elle Peterson, Frances McDormand, Sean Bean, Woody Harrelson, Jeremy Renner and Richard Jenkins.

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Glenn Close was nominated for an Oscar for his portrayal of Albert Nobbs. The film is set in Ireland and in a repressive society. In it, a woman, in order to survive, will pretend to be a butler, having to pretend that she is a man.

His name, Albert Nobbs. His meticulousness and perfectionist desire will make him be considered a magnificent butler, being admired by all. However, in his private life, he finds himself totally nullified by his sexual vagueness.

One day he will be discovered by another worker at the guest house where he works, Hubert, who will reveal that he is in the same situation and that he has managed to build a facade around himself, even marrying the woman he loved.

From that moment on, Albert Nobbs will dream of integrating into the society that has forced him to hide, and will begin to pretend to one of the maidens, Helen (Mia Wasikowska), a troubled young woman who has begun a relationship with the ambitious apprentice Joe ( Aaron Johnson).

The film directed by Rodrigo García raises several things but what is important are some of the questions it asks. What could drive a woman to pretend to be a man? And she risks, among other responses: the impossibility of work and growth, the disbelief of the rest of the world before the capacities of women, traumatic events, a different orientation or preference, or perhaps a deep desire to be different, to become someone else and forget the ghosts

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“Boys don’t cry” is from 1999. The young Teena Brandon (Hilary Swank) becomes Brandon Teena by following her impulses, first, and by the love of Chloë Sevigny, later. Based on a true case, this film by Kimberly Pierce shows that playing with gender codes pays dearly in deep America.

The real Brandon Teena was murdered in 1993, after being repeatedly raped. In addition, his family sued the producers of the film claiming that his daughter was neither transsexual nor lesbian. For Swank’s career, the film had very positive consequences because he was able to win his first Oscar.

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