Chamber Human Rights Commission will meet in Quilichao – Proclamation of Cauca

Chamber Human Rights Commission will meet in Quilichao

Chamber Human Rights Commission will meet in Quilichao

He representative to the House Oscar Rodrigo Campo Hurtadopresident of the Human Rights Legal Commission and Hearingsof the House of Representativesannounced that this legislative cell will meet in the municipality of Santander de Quilichao next April 13.

Given the urgency of evaluating the situation in Northern Cauca, Campo Hurtado led a preparatory meeting for the Public audience which seeks to address the various problems currently facing this area of ​​the department, such as violation of private property, public order situation in various municipalities in the region, in addition to the presence of armed groups that set off alarms among the community.

“The situation of public order and violation of human rights is increasingly complex in the department of Cauca, especially in the northern region, where in recent years there has been a constant disturbance of private property. For the rest, these contingencies contain inter-ethnic clashes that have increased in recent months and claim human lives. This is added to the armed conflict that is still latent in the area, where several Residual Organized Armed Groups (GAOR) operate, committing crimes for drug trafficking. That is why the need to be in the territory and have answers from the National Government and the control entities in the face of this complex scenario that deserves all the attention, “said representative Oscar Campo.

Chamber Human Rights Commission will meet in Quilichao

The preparatory meeting was attended by the Mayor of the municipality of Santander de Quilichao, Lucy Amparo Guzmánrepresentatives of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, delegates from the Attorney General’s Office, the Ombudsman’s Office, the National Land Agency, the National Development Agency, as well as spokespersons for social and business organizations in Cauca.

The Human Rights Legal Commission and Hearings

Chamber Human Rights Commission will meet in Quilichao

This legislative body is in charge of monitoring and controlling all authorities in charge of ensuring respect for human rights, as well as promoting the pertinent actions so that, in case of non-compliance, the corresponding penal and disciplinary sanctions are applied.

In holding special hearings, which will be public, such as the one to be held in Santander de Quilichao on Thursday, April 13, citizens and representatives of unions, professional associations, civic and social associations, may present topics of interest to society and knowledge of Congress.

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