Change into the new season with these trending manicures

Half of Spain is on holiday. The other half are already getting used to the new curriculum. The high temperatures might not invite you to think about putting on your coat and assembling yourself in a cool palette, but the catwalks don’t wait and they’ve already presented what we’ll be seeing in less than a month. What will you wear?

Clothes, make-up, hair and of course, nails are the favorite expression canvases to face the new season. Of all of us, we can say that the latter are the ones who have occupied center stage for a few years now. Right from that moment spread the habit of regularly visiting the salons to get them fixed, according to the mood and specific circumstances.

if you wish To discover the colors that will be in trend in manicure next season, keep reading.

1. glitter nails

Christened by the manicurist of celebrities like Selena Gomez, Tom Bachik glitter nails And since then we haven’t stopped seeing them in the hands of models. This autumn-winter has been the case for companies such as Versace, Miu Miu and Chanel, who have opted for ultra-natural, clean and minimalist finishes. Making your nails visible, but in a better version, involves choosing a good base, like this base from Chanel, followed by a neutral nail polish and finishing with a top coat with extra shine.

Channel. Price: €32

2. Galactic Blues

Dior’s collection for the cold season was resolved by Maria Grazia Chiuri with calm and seductive designs, within Gothic elegance. White, black and blue made up the chosen tonal range and the latter has already appeared in the summer limited edition Home, An appetizer of what was to come, which took the form of lacquer, called Eden SpiritWith a deep blue color and metallic sheen to capture the infinity of the Milky Way in your hands.

Dior. Price: €31

3. Surefire Red

Three very different styles, Jacquemus, Hermès and Bottega Veneta, converge in one choice, red as the symbol of their new collection. The first case made it very clear, in fact, all the mannequins wore crimson manicures similar to the vinyl effect of caramel apples. that color, really redEssie allows you to replicate this looks like Which Gigi Hadid or Kendall Jenner wore at the Palace of Versailles with only a few layers, due to their high pigmentation.

Essie in Primor. Price: €9.99

4. Trust the Gray

Gray may seem like a drab counterpoint to the summer sun, but it’s actually a beautiful, comfortable, and highly versatile color. In proposals for Coperni, Ferragamo and Etro we saw him embrace many aspects, but always in a dazzling spectrum, giving life to pinstriped suits, brocade coats or knitwear. One way to adapt it to nails is to choose a light brown nail polish, like this nail polish from Catrice, which allows you to top off the manicure without going too extreme.

Catrice in Drune. Price: €2.99

5. Say Yes to Shine

The metallic palette will be trendy in fall, too. Silver and gold, which are ubiquitous in the lower temperature months, are joined by other colors such as pink, champagne, green, turquoise or blue, filled with reflections and precious sparkles reminiscent of the visual effect of the shell of beetles and dragonflies. There are , A great way to start or expand your collection are these hairsprays from Sephora, with convenient sizes and prices so you won’t hesitate to try a few.

Sephora. Price: €4.99

6. Color Vanilla

Vanilla is the unexpected star color of the catwalk. We saw it in Givenchy creations, also in Zimmermann, as a cool and sophisticated yellow. It is close john citron, From L’Oréal Paris, perfect to wear as a traditional monochrome alternative, but even better as a contrasting nail polish in a micro-french manicure with a pop twist.

L’Oreal Paris in Perfume Club. RRP: €2.99

7. For the most adventurous

The opalescent finish, which replicates the “cat’s eye” effect when illuminated by various light bulbs, continues to be a way to make hand makeup interesting. introgreen It’s a circa color turquoise glaze with pink and gold duochrome holographic glitter, which could well be worn by a mermaid Barbie starring Dua Lipa. Maximum amplitude is what this product provides, which can be used alone or over others to radically change the result.

circle color. Price: CPV

Bertha Almagro: @bertalmagro

Images: Courtesy of Brands

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