Change of perspective: medicine with a paternalistic approach is on the way to extinction – Eme – 08/04/2022

The medicine with a paternalistic approach It is on its way to extinction (thankfully). The patient-centered, person-centered approach to problem solving not only empowers but also improves outcomes by allowing the user to take informed decisions for managing your own health.

The change in the paradigm of health care focuses on:

* Change in the view of the health process, shifting the focus to prevention and health promotion and not so much on care in the disease process.

The primary prevention measures they have proven to be cost-effective when applied: prevention is better than cure. Cheaper and with better results.

* Abandonment of the paternalistic model where the doctor advised on Health in a framework of superiority or privilege towards another centered on the person, where their beliefs and concepts prevail. The model is horizontal and not vertical.

This goes hand in hand with:

* The disuse of the “challenge” as a tool. We speak between adults and autonomous people who decide about their Health.

* Technology is a great ally but it cannot hinder the doctor/patient relationship. Nothing can replace it and recommendations will follow from it.

* Infoxication (excess information on networks) should be taken with great caution. Not all information is of good quality

And since “All power carries great responsibility”, taking charge of your health care implies your active and leading participation as well as your commitment.

Welcome to the humanization of health.


Mariana Piastri

Medical Gynecologist. Master in Contraception and Sexual and Reproductive Health. International Fellow in Child and Adolescent Gynecology. Former Gynecological Clinic Assistant “C”.

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