charging stations and solar generators at minimum prices


Find everything you need, from the most compact charging stations to the most powerful solar generators in the BLUETTI flash sale.

you are looking for a charging station or a solar generatorbut you have missed the BLUETTI Easter offers, this time you can take advantage of unrepeatable and truly low prices on all brand products with this flash sale.

BLUETTIis an American brand that since its creation in 2019 has been dedicated to creating minimalist charging stations and powerful solar generators, has a wide range of products that promise to meet the needs of each user. All of their products are highly functional and successful and as we mentioned before, the best thing is that you can buy them with discounts ranging from 100 euros and up to 2,298 euros discount in the case of one of the most complete solar generator packages, it includes: a 100% modular BLUETTI AC300, 4 battery modules B300 with 3072 Wh each, this is ideal for feeding the needs of larger families for several days. Stay informed of the offers and launch of BLUETTI directly on its official website or subscribe to their Telegram channel to be among the first to receive their offers.

Flash sale BLUETTI

100% modular BLUETTI AC300 and 4 B300 battery modules with 3072 Wh each.

Solar generators and charging stations at minimum prices in BLUETTI

Thanks to your flash sale you can find everything you need, from the most compact charging stations, to the most powerful charging generators. powerful and complete. These are some of the products on offer that BLUETTI has for you:

  • BLUETTI EB55. It is one of the most popular and affordable models of the brand, it is a very practical and comfortable solution for individual use. It has a 537Wh capacity and one 700W power, which can supply power to up to 11 devices at the same time. With BLUETTI EB55 you can charge a computer in less than two hours and has different ways of recharging: with a conventional plug, with the car cigarette lighter, with a generator or with solar panels. Product available with 100 euros discount.
  • BLUETTI EB150. Powerful charging station with 1500Wh/405Ahwith various recharging options, from conventional charging to with solar panels, without the need for an electrical network. It is of high quality and is made with the best materials, it has a plastic handle and 4 non-slip feet for added stability. It incorporates a cooling fan to keep it at the correct temperature and has 10 power output ports. Product available with 450 euro discount.

BLUETTI EB150, a powerful charging station that can be recharged with solar panels.

  • AC300 + (4)B300. One of the most complete packages of the brand, it has an AC300 generator who is capable of receiving up to 2400 watts of solar charging input. A single instance of these can charge a B300 module in less than 2 hours and can work in combination with the 4 B300 modules already included in this package. Each module has a capacity of 3072 Wh, achieving a total of 12,288 Wh with the 4, enough energy for an entire army. package available with 2,298 euros discount.

This and much more is what you can get at BLUETTI thanks to its incredible flash sale. Remember that This offer is for a limited time only and the pieces run out, so hurry to get the energy you need at the best price.

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