Charging your AirPods or Apple Watch with your iPhone is a little closer

For years it has been possible to charge our headphones or smartwatches simply by carrying an Android mobile on top. Reverse charging is many years old, whether we are talking about doing it using a cable or without it. And without a doubt, the latter is the most popular among high-end mobile phones, which in the case of large manufacturers such as Samsung, Xiaomi or Huawei It has been present on their mobiles for many years. This is not the case of Apple, which, except with a certain approach thanks to Magsafe, still does not offer this functionality on its mobiles. Although this could be close to changing, according to the latest information we have known.

A new patent that makes it more plausible

From Patently Apple, a medium specialized in diving through the different patents reaching the USPTOThey have found one presented by Apple, and it gives us an idea of ​​where the company’s plans could go to offer us this type of charging in a much more natural way on the iPhone. As you know, Samsung phones and other major Android manufacturers allow you to charge wireless headphones or smartwatch simply by leaving them on the back of the phone. Thanks to wireless charging technologies, these can be charged without the need for any cable.

The patent filed by Apple focuses on explaining how the “Bimodal magnetic alignment components for device alignment” which basically allows you to charge a device that is attached to the back of the phone, without having to be in a specific point to do so, this is basically the key to wireless charging and from a device. Basically all this patent seeks to explain the way in which devices can be aligned so that wireless charging is fruitful.

And logically it is something that Reverse and wireless charging is very close to Apple devices, like that of its Android competitors. And it is that this type of charge needs a certain alignment so that the devices can be charged, not exact, but approximate. Until now Apple has not released a device with this feature, although it has offered a technology with a similar result, such as Magsafe. Thanks to it, it is possible to enjoy something similar, since it is a load that achieves that alignment of the devices through a system of magnetic rings.

With Magsafe we ​​have seen batteries that are attached to the back of the iPhone in this way and that in turn can charge the phone in a very similar way, just leave your AirPods or Apple Watch on this Magsafe battery. This in turn is powered by the iPhone, so it is a way to achieve the same thing, but yes, with an additional accessory. We don’t know when reverse and wireless charging will arrive on the iPhone, but it shouldn’t be long before that, because those from Cupertino are already far behind their competitors with Android.

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