Charli D’Amelio and Chase Hudson 2021, photo hand in hand!


update: the photo of Charli and Chase that we talk about in the article could be old, from when they were still together, and gone viral these days.

Yes, here we go again. It seems that Charli D’Amelio and Chase Hudson they have to tell us something. True, they never hid that they had a strong and solid bond, regardless of its shape. Charli herself had defined Chase as “the person on whom I can always apoggiarmi“, although they have always said and reiterated that they are just very good friends.

However, the photo we are about to show you does not leave room for so much philosophy, on the contrary … But let’s go in order. Only a few months ago we had provided you with important updates on their relationship, in particular he had given an answer that had clarified once and for all what situations they were in: “We became friends. We were able to mature and grow together. We were able to make a mature decision. Our friendship is very strong. We are there for each other, we trust and support each other on a deep level“.

Now, however, a photo appears, published by the Instagram page @charlixchase.fp, which would leave no doubt. Of course, “hand in hand does not mean I love you“, but the fans have already gone crazy and we couldn’t let this gossip pill escape in full Webboh style.

The latest updates on Charli and Chase

In the article published two months ago we asked you if it was possible to remain friends with your ex or if it was just a way to never really detach yourself. Here, now if the photo were confirmed, what would you think? What a mess! And some fans are confused too. The reason? In fact, many are wondering if those in the shot are theirs. To arouse some perplexity in reality are more than anything else Chase’s hair, which for someone would be too clear. That it has lightened them? From the latest content he shared, one would not say. That the photo is old? What is certain is that the backpack looks just like his. How will it end? We continue to follow both Charli and Chase and you continue to follow us so as not to miss an update.


[FOTO: Instagram]


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