Charli D’Amelio explained why he now finds it “extremely difficult” to stay on TikTok


“Once upon a time there were collaborations, fun, friendship. Now everyone trying to fight each other”

Charli D”Ameliobeyond TikTok.

The 17-year-old was a guest on her older sister’s talk show Dixie D’Amelio, where she explained that in her opinion something has changed compared to the early days when it uploaded videos to the app and revealed that you are looking around to look for a new path for its future.

It was Dixie who ted the topic on the table saying: “There are articles that are going around and that they say you’re losing the joy of being on TikTok“.

I feel that when you have fantastic opportunities but the whole world criticizes you for your every move, it is very difficult find enjoyment in things that are criticized and demolished so much” started Charli, who we remind you to be the most followed person on TikTok with almost 114 million followers.

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His notoriety but also that of other tiktoker colleagues has made the environment more competitive: “It’s extremely hard to want to keep doing something that people say they hated. It’s no longer like it used to be, where there were collaborations, fun and everyone was friends. Now everyone trying to fight each other and that doesn’t make sense to me. It’s not why I started with TikTok. I started with TikTok to make funny dance videos with my friends and now it’s all become a competition“.


Charli D’Amelio now feels that ambition has ruined the friendships born on TikTok: “People use it, talk about it or want to collaborate only when it suits them. What happened to the friendships everyone had? Everyone was so united and this changed so fast. I feel that many people do not make themselves heard because they think that everyone else is making themselves heard“.

Everyone makes friends, leaving out the people who were already there, the people who tried to be there for everyone. They left them in the dust and that’s where I feel I was. It’s hard when you don’t have a large group of friends while going through certain things“.

Luckily there is her older sister Dixie, who gave her great advice: chase her dreams and do what makes her happy. Whether it’s on TikTok or not.

About his future, Charli D’Amelio said that he does not yet have a precise direction, but that he is trying various hypotheses. One was acting, in fact revealed to having done a casting for a movie but it was not taken.

It’s better with the marketing strategies: she said that she is working behind the scenes of sponsorships and social content and that she likes dare a hand to the brands to find the most appropriate mood for their profiles.

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