Chase Hudson, apologies for the drama with Charli D’Amelio: here’s what he said


After the apology of Charli D’Amelio, here also come those of Chase Hudson. Lilhuddy took courage and asked his fans for forgiveness for the recent controversy that involved him. A full-fledged drama, which broke out last week, which featured the two TikToker, once engaged, and many other very popular creators around the world.

After confirmation of the betrayal by Chase Hudson against Charli D’Amelio, consumed with the social media star Nessa Barrett, a real bomb has exploded in the TikTok community. Most users sided with the queen of the platform, especially after Lilhuddy, to save their reputation and distract attention from itself, threw mud against other colleagues. Because in short, not only he would be guilty of betrayal.

After the shooting, which also touched the former sister-in-law Dixie D’Amelio, Griffin Johnson, Bryce Hall, Kio Cyr and Olivia Ponton, Chase Hudson has decided to move away from social media for a few days. A few hours ago, however, the return to Instagram with an apology:

I know I haven’t been so active on social media since last Monday, but I really wanted to come back here and really apologize to you, guys, for the way things turned out. I should have simply done my part and kept the story off social media. I bothered to apologize to Charli and talk to the guys at the Sway House. Everything is solved, but it should never have happened.

After clarifying with his colleagues, Chase also wanted to emphasize the commitment he will put in place to change and improve as a man:

I will learn a lot from this as a person, growing up and setting the best example for all of you guys.

Apology accepted? What will be the next chapter?

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