ChatGPT with GPT-4o for Mac is now free for everyone

  • No more need to use a trick to access the application

  • We can chat with ChatGPT and also share our screen.

In mid-May, OpenAI introduced the world to a new artificial intelligence model called GPT-4o. The announcement took place along with a limited release desktop application via ChatGPT. If you wanted to use it, you just had to be a paid user of the Plus or Team plans and wait for it to become available.

There was also the opportunity to use the application in advance, but with the help of a trick. Now the above restrictions have disappeared. The company, led by Sam Altman, has just made the ChatGPT app for macOS available to all users, even those who don’t pay to use the service.

ChatGPT on macOS, free for everyone

While we’ve been able to use ChatGPT on our computers since its launch in November 2022, the arrival of the service’s official app changes a lot. In short, it opens up opportunities for more efficient use advantages of GPT-4obut not in the purest “Her”-style voice acting mode, which has been delayed until this fall.

ChatGPT for Mac allows us to log in and access our conversation history. In addition, it allows us to access dictation, talk mode and, most importantly, share our screen or upload files. We can also quickly access the chatbot using the command Option + Space.

The first step to access all this is to download the app. To do this we will need to go to and click Dismiss. Next step install .dmg just like you would do with any other application, that is, by double-clicking the file and dragging it into the folder. Applications (Applications).

After completing the above step, you need to log into your OpenAI account to start communicating with the chatbot. If you want to take advantage of voice or vision benefits, you’ll need to grant the app the necessary permissions. At this point, it is important to know what we are sharing with OpenAI.

We can, for example, share mail window communicate via email. We can do the same with an Excel spreadsheet or any other program that we run on our Mac. As with a web service or mobile application, we should try not to share personal information with the chatbot.

It should be noted that new service features have restrictions on use. After a certain number of conversations with ChatGPT with GPT-4o, the chatbot will start working with GPT-3.5 and invite us to join the paid version to continue using it in the best version. In addition, it will not allow us to use the vision options for several hours.

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