Check out the first trailer for David Cronenberg’s ‘Crimes of the Future’

If something is clear to us, it is that 2022 looks to be spectacular for the film industry. We’ve already seen great movies that are sure to make it into the best of the year, but there are still plenty of movies to be released on the big screen in the coming months. And without a doubt, one of the productions that excites us the most is Crimes of the Futurethe new project of David Cronenberg Which will surely blow your mind.

It was in 2014 when the Canadian filmmaker presented Maps to the Stars, which featured a great cast headed by Julianne Moore, Mia Wasikowska, John Cusack, Robert Pattinson and more great actors. However, since then he went practically unnoticed and dedicated himself to other jobs – we even saw him as an actor in Star Trek Discovery–. But now, is back with a story that will certainly give something to talk about.

Check out the first trailer for David Cronenberg's 'Crimes of the Future'

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We already have the first trailer for ‘Crimes of the Future’

This April 14, the organizers of Cannes announced the official selection of lists that will compete in the 2022 edition of the festival (HERE you can check the full list). As was already rumoured, David Cronenberg will be present at this great event with Crimes of the Future. But now and to further raise our expectations, just released a new trailer for this movie and hold on, because you are not prepared for what you will see.

In this tesaer we see the great Viggo Mortensen playing a performance artist from the not so distant future, who publicly shows the metamorphosis of his organs helped by his partner (Lea Seydoux). Kristen Stewart stars as a National Organ Registry researcher who investigates the pair and uncovers their plan to use their fame to shed light on the next phase of human evolution. A real madness.

Check out the first trailer for David Cronenberg's 'Crimes of the Future'

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David Cronenberg presents us with an amazing vision of the future

With strange technologies, body parts sewn together or relocated to unknown locations, and scenes showing the pleasure that surgery can bring, David Cronenberg makes his official return to genres and themes like body horror, transhumanism, and weird sci-fi. On Crimes of the Future and according to Polygon, the director has said that it is a meditation on human evolution and the control we have taken over it.

“At this critical point in human history, one wonders: can the human body evolve to solve the problems we have created? Can the human body evolve a process to digest plastics and artificial materials not only as part of a solution to the climate crisis, but also to grow, thrive and survive?Cronenberg mentioned.

For now, it is expected that after its screening in Cannes, the tape reaches the vast majority of theaters in June 2022. So far it has not been confirmed if it will be available in Mexico on those dates, but we are completely sure that this story will leave a lot of people with a square eye. But while we wait for more news about its premiere in our country, Check out this awesome first trailer below:

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