Check out the retro bob, the hairdresser’s most requested haircut

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Dear reader, we have to talk about the most trending haircut of the moment. we know that if we refer to
bob haircutThis is nothing new to you. And the thing is, this is one style that has been one of the favorites all season long. However, the look changes every year with different versions updating it and all of them being successful. And yes, it is also in the hair trend of 2023.

We are talking about a bob style that Vicky Martin Berrokal has already joined, indicating that it is a cut for women over 50 and characterized by a retro look inspired by decades such as the 60s There is style and there is no doubt about it. is an ideal choice for

We are talking about the bob haircut that has come down to us from celebrities who are the benchmark of style like
hailey bieber, The model has become one of the most copied women and her latest makeover is proof of that.

this is done
retro bob Which meets several essential requirements to be able to copy it, it is fresh, versatile and stylish. A very comfortable style for the summer season and one that we want to share with you today so that when you go to the hairdresser you ask for it and succeed as Hailey has done.

The trend of the moment is the retro bob cut

it’s a style
inspired by the 60s It is characterized by its jaw-dropping length and disheveled yet elegant style. This haircut is ideal for summer, as it offers freshness and comfort without giving up on sophistication and style and is very popular because it adapts very well to our hair type, it is easy to wear and style Without wasting much time.

And not only that, it’s a style that experts approve of. Charo Garcia, director of Ilitia Beauty & Science, explains that it is “a star cut this season and it promises to continue to be with us for at least a few more months.” This is because it’s a straight bob
at jaw levelIn which parade is done to give prominence to the tips.

And it is that, as Jean-Louis David’s stylist confirms, “it’s a style.”
ultra feminine and very graphic Especially in the back. Ideal for summer time when you want to wear short and stylish hair so as not to feel the heat. What more could you want?

Well, it’s also a cut that hardly requires any maintenance, as drying time is short and
you can let it grow Several centimeters to cut it again later, thus becoming a practical option for those looking for an attractive look without spending a lot of time.

who likes bob cut

“Bob is a
Versatile Haircut It suits many types of faces. It can highlight the angular features of a face, for example a square shape, with the angles of a rectangular face, or add structure to a round or oval face,” says Rosa Rossello, training director at Drunee.

it especially
suits all face types And hair too, from thin to thick, straight or curly. This is the usual bob but cut 2 cm below the jawline, without layers and with a parade at the ends. More than the French cut, it’s Parisian: Ā«Elegant, comfortable and versatile like nothing else, we can transform it with a touch of grunge and carefree or choose something more glamorous and sophisticated. It’s perfect for framing an oval face, but it also suits women with more marked and harsher features if you leave it longer. It’s ultra-feminine and especially highlights the neck,” says David LeSueur, director of training at David Kunzle Salon.

how to style this bob cut

This is one such haircut that can be adopted for different occasions, either for formal events or for a more casual look. And the thing is, it is highly versatile and effortless when it comes to combing it. Also, “it can be taken from
wavy or curly Which looks beautiful, dried in natural air or with a seawater effect or in a graphic plan: ultra-smooth to give a more classic feel, for example”, explains the stylists Jean-Louis David.

the trick is to shape
Advice, “With movement, wavy, combed in or out, the tips give our look maximum versatility with very little effort,” explains Charo Garcia. Do you already know that next time you visit the hairdresser? What do you want to ask for when you meet?

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