Checo Pérez celebrates his 11th anniversary in F1 with a fourth place in Jeddah

Exactly 11 years ago, Checo Pérez made his debut in Formula 1; the Mexican driver was fourth after starting from pole

Checo Pérez finished the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix in fourth position, the second date of the Formula 1 season. At the end of the race, the Mexican driver requested that Carlos Sainz of Ferrari be investigated, as he feels that he did not respect a period of double yellow flags in one sector, and could inherit third place.

The winner of the race was Max Verstappen after a tough fight against Charles Leclec. Verstappen took the lead on lap 48 of 50 and still had to fend off the Monegasque late in the race.

Checo Pérez had a bitter 11th anniversary in Formula 1 due to a Safety Car that ruined his strategy at the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix. A deception on the part of Ferrari, in which Red Bull fell, and the accident of Nicholas Latifi caused him to lose all advantage and settle for fourth place.

The one from Guadalajara started the defense of his pole position in a great way from the first corner. He first covering the spaces to Charles Leclerc and later beginning to make an important difference against the Monegasque.

Checo Pérez suffered from degradation problems on the right front tire through the radius and with only 10 laps, but his times were constant and with a lead of 2.7 seconds over Charles Leclerc and everything seemed tilted in his favor.

On lap 16 the Scudería sent for Leclerc to be called to the pits. Red Bull took the bait and called out Checo as well. Charles ignored the call and carried on, while the Milton Keynes team changed from medium to hard rubber.

Everything went wrong for the Checo engineer and the team, as Latifi crashed and with it the man from Guadalajara lost the advantage, while Max Verstappen and the Ferraris had a free stop. With this, the illusions of triumph were gradually gone.

The white tires did not sit well with the man from Guadalajara, because only 16 laps later he was 8 seconds behind the leader Leclerc and could not cut the 2-second disadvantage against Carlos Sainz, who pointed out problems in his gear changes.

The Mexican could not be a rival against the Ferrari as he was between 2 and 3 seconds apart as the laps ran.

The Jeddah circuit saw drama with the retirements of Fernando Alonso and Daniel Ricciardo, due to power problems, while Bottas pitted and left. The virtual Safety Car appeared when the McLarn and Alpine remained on the track. However, they closed the entrance to the pits and the Mexican had to maintain himself with a compound that did little to help him.

Checo pushed and took his car to the limit by cutting a deficit of 2.1 seconds to 1.080, but this was not enough to catch up with the Spaniard, who pushed hard and defended his podium against Jalisco. In the end, a virtual safety car appeared on the track and this ended up blurring all chances by not being able to enter the DRS range and fight for pole.

In the end, the one from Guadalajara lost the opportunity to take 25 points and kept the 12 that comes from fourth place, a result that helps Red Bull in the constructors’ championship, but insufficient for what seemed like a perfect weekend.

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