“Checo Pérez is a little scared; living in Mexico City is not much safer”

Helmut Marko, adviser at the Red Bull team believes that F1 must follow its program in Jeddah and trust the Arab authorities

The adviser of Red Bull, Helmut Markowas surprised by the fear that the Mexican lived Czech Perez for the events near the city of Jeddahwhere the facilities of the oil company were bombed aramco and said that “living in the Mexico City It’s not much safer.”

The former pilot mentioned that “Pérez is a little scared”, although the member of the energy drink team lives in Jalisco and not in the capital Mexico.

In addition, he mentioned that for his part “Max Verstappen he’s a little more relaxed about it.”

In an interview for Sky Sports Germanythe manager mentioned that the ideal would be to continue with the program established for the weekend and trust the security authorities.

“As these drone attacks have been mentioned, I think they are frequent. They have a very good defense system. Now we have to find out why it didn’t work. It is not the first drone, after all. But it is the first to attack on a large scale,” he said.

Given this, he was blunt in mentioning that “we must not let terror completely intimidate normal life. We must look now, and if security is guaranteed for the next two days, then we must continue.”

Marko mentioned that during the first practice on Friday the Max Verstappen He noticed a fire, although at first he thought it was a fireball on fire.

“It did not affect us directly. Max sent us a radio message. He thought his car was on fire because there was a strong burning smell. Then we checked all the data: it was not that. But he did notice the burning smell of the explosion,” he stated.

“Subsequently, we were informed that a drone had been sent from Yemen. The Saudis have an air defense system and for some reason the drone was not intercepted and then the attack came. I think the timing is deliberate. The rebels know that they will have a lot more publicity at the Grand Prix”, he concluded.

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