Checo Pérez loses the podium in the last lap of the Bahrain Grand Prix

Checo Pérez got lost on the last lap of the Bahrain GP when he was third; Red Bull left Sakhir without points

The Mexican Czech Perez He was one lap away from getting on the podium, but engine problems caused him to Red Bull He left without points and with his pride beaten when he saw the Austrian team go blank from the Bahrain Grand Prix. Checo lost the car on the last lap and was stopped in turn one after the engine stopped.

Czech Perez had a bad start to the race by being slow and in the action he first lost the position to Lewis Hamilton, who covered the inside well and got over it. This caused it to be matched also by Kevin Magnussen

the of Red Bull it took him two laps to overtake Magnussen. the pilot of Hass He went long when defending the position, leaving the window open for the Mexican to attack and only two corners later to move up one position.

The Mexican took fifth place and two seconds away he watched the Englishman Lewis Hamiltonwho seemed solid, but was losing ground against Czech Perez.

On lap 10 Perez had the seven-time world champion in the window to open the DRS and with this he overtook Hamilton, who did little to maintain his position and drop to fifth place.

Lap 15 was key with the entry of Max Verstappen and Carlos Sainz, which caused the Mexican to rise to second place. However, a lap later he pitted and after a 3.1 second stop he came out in fourth position.

The Mexican came out with a disadvantage of five seconds in relation to Carlos Sainz, who was in third place. However, he came out with a strategic advantage by using the medium compound, while the Spaniard used the soft rubber. As the laps went by, Pérez mentioned that his pace was improving more and more and discounted the disadvantage to less than two seconds.

On lap 34 and two seconds behind Sainz, Red Bull decided to call Czech Perez to the pits changing the tires to used soft ones, while the Spaniard still entered and had a set of yellow socks.

The Mexican had a good start, managing to place himself 1.9 seconds away from Carlos Sainzbut the bad decision of the team caused that only seven laps later Checo’s performance began to plummet and on lap 44 he had his third stop in the pits and with it he tried to go to the end with another red compound.

Everything changed on lap 46 with the safety car that was presented in the fire in the AlphaTauri from Pierre Gasley and being

The relaunch of the race had strong emotions for the Guadalajaraso he had to try to go for Carlos Sainzwho thought of surpassing Max Verstappen, who suffered from battery problems and had to go to the pits losing the opportunity to climb to second place. Checo Pérez would also complain about a loss of power.

Just three laps from the end, the Mexican took third position before Max retired and with this he tried to rescue a little the bad night of Red Bull. However, entering the last lap and the first corner of the track the Mexican was crossed and Hamiton achieved the podium with a Mercedes that was never really on par with Ferrari and RB. This caused the Mexican not to finish the race and Red Bull went home without points.

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