Checo Perez receives harsh criticism from Christian Horner for his terrible race at the Japanese GP

A bad afternoon is the perfect phrase to describe someone’s performance check perez In this Japanese Grand PrixBecause he spent it amidst accidents and punishments to such an extent that it overshadowed the victory of the bombardment red Bull In the Constructors’ Championship, which provoked a series of harsh criticisms Christian HornerWho held nothing back against the Mexicans.

In an interview with Motorsport at the end of the competition, the team boss Milton Keynes He was honest and direct about his mistakes to the man in Guadalajara, where he made two contacts that led to time restrictions, following which he certainly managed to avoid subsequent penalties before leaving the track.

Checo Perez faced criticism

“It started very badly. On his way to Turn 1 he got stuck in a pinball, it was bad luck for him. was harmed with Lewis ,hamilton) and broke the front wing. then he went ahead Fernando ,alonso) under the safety car at the entrance (to the pits) and received a penalty,” said Horner, where he also recognized his merit in winning the Constructors’ Championship. red Bull.

On the downside, the team director considered it positive that Checo was able to reduce his time penalty in the same race, and thus avoid losing valuable seconds in the race. qatar grand prixDespite the announcement of International Automobile FederationWho assured that closing this regulatory loophole will have consequences.

“He gets too optimistic, probably out of frustration, and tries to overtake Magnussen… another front wing (broken) and damage to the steering. So the only good thing we managed to achieve today was not to take a penalty for the next race in Qatar,” he admitted.

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self-criticism when appropriate

Notably, the Mexican pilot had enough dignity to admit his mistake to his contact kevin magnussenWhile in the first accident, where they were involved Lewis Hamilton and Carlos SainzMentioned as being a “victim of circumstances”.

“From the moment I released the clutch, I started spinning, the tires got quite cold, we misjudged the temperature and I had no traction. Reaching the first corner, Sainz and Hamilton surrounded me, leaving me in the middle. My car was damaged and it was very difficult to overtake in the fast corner, I knew I had to try it in slow speed and when I got into it I had no room, I touched Magnussen and it was completely my fault. Was,” explained Perez, who is now 7. He has points on his license and is five points away from being revoked for impaired driving.

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