Chiara Ferragni combines the shirt dress with a bikini that is going to sweep

    There is nothing better than the arrival of good weather in our lives. Well, the arrival of the holidays also has its ‘things’, but now we focus on the summer and the warmth. The ‘celebrities’ have already joined the trends in swimwear that we are going to see in a few months. From Kendall Jenner in a floral bikini (total ‘trendy’) to Ashley Graham showing off her curves in a bottle green bikini; It is clear that this summer no one is left without their ideal outfit. And if you still don’t know how you are going to combine these garments to be ‘arranged but informal’, as the proverb says on Twitter, Chiara Ferragni has the solution. Dress shirt with a cool color. Pay attention and sign up for these style keys!

    If you are a lover of all the trends that are going to sweep and you always cheer up with a good ‘trend’ (and we are not referring to the viral TikTok dances that we love so much), surely you already have chosen the clothes with which you are going to surprise your followers on Instagram. And it is that it is time change from winter clothes to a cooler one (although a piece of advice is that you always have a jacket in case it gets cold, as our mothers have always told us). You never know when a storm is coming.

    The ‘celebrities’ are including in their Instagram ‘feeds’ numerous images in which they show off the curves and abs that they have been exercising during the cold winter months. Kylie Jenner already gave us a bikini pose in December, but we forgive her. Now the ‘influencer’ of fashion, Chiara Ferragnihas given us a style key for the coming months, in which we are not going to take off our bikini: dress shirt. And the color you have chosen is ideal.

    chiara ferragni and the perfect shirt dress and bikini

    Chiara Ferragni, storiesinstagram

    Is about a dress of his own brand, called the same as the ‘celebrity’ in yellow. And she couldn’t look better!

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    Álvaro Alonso is a current affairs and ‘celebrities’ editor at Cosmopolitan and an expert on celebrities and Y2K culture for several years.

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