Chicharito Hernández talks about his mental health: I just want to be me

Javier “Chicharito” Hernandezstriker of LA Galaxyis getting ready for this Saturday’s game against LAFC on the mlsso it has been opened in recent days to give some interviewsas it happened on the page of the mlswhere time was given for talk about your mental health.

The Mexican attacker has recognized in the past that lived a difficult moment a few years agowhen he just signed with the Galaxydue to some injuries, the separation from his partner and the isolation forced by the coronavirus pandemic.

Given this, CH14 He called for both the press and the fans to consider that heAthletes are human tooThey have good and bad moments.

I think the press in general puts fame and success on a pedestal.… I mean, you need to be perfect for society in some way. And I just want to be meresponsible with good intentions, but it’s me, human. There is no perfection in the end”, he insisted.

Losses frustrate him

The Chicharito Hernandez acknowledged that both he and the fans focus too much on the resultss, a situation that when they arrive can make him too angry.

I’m a pain in the ass, cause I’m so loudI like to talk when I’m angry, frustrated when I take my ego out to get the best out of this footballer I have inside. I just want to win. I hate to lose“, Said the attacker, who finally recognized that sometimes winning a title is not fullness.

If you don’t enjoy the process and win a championship, there are people who don’t feel like (having won). And then there are the people who probably finish second… but the way they push, the way they get there, the joy they have, sometimes it’s more like a satisfaction”, he explained.

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