Chicharito Hernández, the player who no longer has anything to offer El Tri

Chicharito Hernández in a match at Russia 2018. In total, he played  three World Cups.  (REUTERS/Darren Staples)

Chicharito Hernández in a Russia 2018 match. In total, he played three World Cups. (REUTERS/Darren Staples)

Chicharito Hernandez He has seen his best days in football. With 33 years of age and a paid retirement in the mlshis name should not be in the deck of possible selections. He already did everything he could do. If at the best moment of his career he was busted to the core, Why is your presence required now?

Today he is banned from the Mexican team. Gerardo Martino has never given a public explanation. The press has reported that everything has to do with an indiscipline of Chicharito in September 2019. Neither Hernández nor Martino have denied or confirmed the version. The only certain thing is that both have made an effort to keep the problem without a solution.

Few remember them anymore, but back in 2010 Hernández was the Golden Boy of Mexican soccer. They all liked him. The face of that friendly young man invaded commercials and covers, and nobody seemed tired. His signing for the Man Utd broke all possible paradigms. He was the first Mexican who went directly to a European great. In his first year he won the premier league and reached the Champions League Final.

After nine years in Europe, Hernández decidedó  continue his MLS career in 2019. (Ray Acevedo-USA TODAY Sports)

After nine years in Europe, Hernández decided to continue his MLS career in 2019. (Ray Acevedo-USA TODAY Sports)

With such a prologue, what could possibly go wrong? Nobody knows exactly how or why, but the love between the fans and Hernández faded little by little. He scored many goals and also missed a meter from the goal. Casual reproaches turned into unbridled hatred during the Qualifiers for Brazil 2014. He was no longer anyone’s spoiled child.

Since then, Chicharito charged with criticism that never ceased: that if he only scored goals against minor rivals, that he was a trunk, that he did not appear in important moments. The rage, however, had a mitigating factor: there was no better striker than him. Because Raúl Jiménez was very green and Oribe Peralta was not a long-term guarantee. To put it quickly: none of them played on world-class teams.

Little or nothing mattered, because Chicharito they always looked for buts. He played for Manchester United, a club that has listed him as the best trigger of the 21st century. Ok, his passage through the Real Madrid It had to do with commercial purposes, but within the field Ancelotti decided and with Benzema in the position there was not enough marketing to make the Tapatio headline. Hernández left the Bernabéu with 9 goals in one year and the honorable label of a player who deserved to stay.

The Mexican celebrating a goal with Cristiano Ronaldo during his time at Real Madrid.  (REUTERS/Juan Medina)

The Mexican celebrating a goal with Cristiano Ronaldo during his time at Real Madrid. (REUTERS/Juan Medina)

commended for alex fergusonbut reviled by Juanito King of the Pérez Armchair. That is the story of the famous Chicharito Hernández, the footballer who in his best moment could not do anything different with the Mexican team, but which is now acclaimed and remembered with nostalgia. Los Yonic’s already said: No one knows what he has until he sees it lost. Lost in quotes, because lowering the pride of both parties could return at any time. It wont happen. And it is better that it does not happen.

Today reality dictates that Javier Hernandez He will never return to his best version. As it should be logically. There’s no mystery about it. His numbers in the MLS with the Galaxy They can be as fabulous as you want, but it’s still a third-tier league.

There is also no where to choose. Between ephemeral promises and homemade strikers, El Tri is condemned to play without a bully striker. Jimenez does his best, but it’s long been clear that the Wolves’ system favors him more than Mexico’s. That’s why he doesn’t shine and he won’t, because at 31 he doesn’t have much to give either.

Hernández did not take Mexico to the fifth game when he played in the elite. Much less could he do it now. And no, it’s not his fault: CH14 he has always been the type of striker who relies on collective performance. His presence in the Mexican team it will not solve any problem. Since he hasn’t been able to Raul Jimenez.

El Tri does not need Javier Hernández and perhaps he does not need the National Team either. To tell the truth, he looks very calm since his main hobby is playing Warzone. His 52 goals as a national team are very well kept in the memory box. Forgive us, Chicharito, for criticizing you when you were at your best and for missing you now that you score plastic goals.


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