Chickpea Chicken Salad Recipe Jennifer Aniston Ate It For 10 Years!

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Years go by, but ‘Friends’ continues to be the series that comforts millions of people around the world and each of its characters remains in the hearts of fans.

Such is the love for production that the video recently went viral. ‘Jennifer Aniston salad’ and Internet users are recreating it in their kitchens in honor of the actress and her character from ‘Rachel Green’.

This, after her co-star Courteney Cox revealed that for 10 years it was all they ate on set, so much so that she joked they got a “PhD in Cobb Salad”.

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Nevertheless, Aniston personally denied that this was the salad she ate and gave the recipe.

The actress told ‘Shape’ in an interview: “I’m sorry, I feel like I’m letting everyone down, but that’s not my salad. It looks delicious, but it’s not the salad I had on Friends.”

According to her the original ingredients are:

  • grated lettuce
  • Chicken
  • egg whites
  • Garbanzo beans
  • Bacon
  • basic vinaigrette

In addition, the pecorino cheese from an Italian restaurant near the shoot gave it the perfect touch.

Get ready to prepare it!

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