Child drowns after having epileptic seizure in a swimming pool in La Paz


An 11-year-old boy drowned in the pool of the Luis Lastra Municipal Sports Complex in the city of La Paz., on Saturday, November 11. According to police reports and preliminary investigation, the minor, who was disabled, suffered an epileptic seizure when he was in the water.

“The body of a minor under the age of 11 years was legally removed At the Lastra swimming pool in the Sopocachi area of ​​La Paz,” said police divisional commander Edgar Cortez.

This is the second time that a death has been recorded in this location, dependent on the La Paz mayor’s office. The first time the victim was a 17-year-old boy and it happened in 2012.

“According to the statements of the father and the coach present at the scene, Minor may have had an epileptic attack in the pool And because of this he had to lose his life. “He was rescued by his father and trainer,” Cortez said.

The minor had gone to the complex pool with his father to practice swimming; At about 9:30 he suffered a convulsion, as he suffered from epilepsy. Drowning, despite the fact that cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) was performed on him without success, The report comes from the ombudsman’s office, which is also following the case.

In this regard, the Mayor’s Office issued a statement expressing regret over the death of the child, stating, He was a member of an association of disabled people who were “lent” the pool.

“A pool coach and a lifeguard employed by the municipality helped the child. Red 167 personnel reached the spot to revive him, but without success.”, reads the publication.

GAMLP assures that it will support the investigation. Besides, All sports activities of the Sports Directorate were suspended until further notice.

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