Children who have not been vaccinated against COVID-19 are at risk in Cucuta

In short, the complications of not vaccinating children for COVID-19 can be:

Long-term COVID-19: By not getting a dose of the vaccine, long-term complications can arise in children, which result from virus infection. Symptoms can be like: fatigue, fever, shortness of breathcough, chest pain, tachycardiaDifficulty thinking, muscle pain, etc.

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intrafamilial transmission: Unvaccinated children are not protected from the virus, so when they develop a COVID-19 infection, they can spread through coughs or simple sneezes, which can transmit disabling symptoms or infection to the family nucleus Can trigger, from which the virus can develop. Presenting severe symptoms and hospitalization.

your mental health conditions: Because of not being able to participate in activities needed for their development, some boys and girls with COVID-19 show symptoms of depression, anxiety, and sleep disorders. In addition, attention deficit disorders have been identified, due to their inability to participate properly in academic and social activities. activismAutism and other mental disorders resulting from isolation by COVID-19.

Pediatric Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome: Some children infected with the virus that causes COVID-19 have developed this disease, which causes uncontrolled inflammation throughout the body that may require hospitalization in intensive care units. To this is added the appalling fact that death rate The percentage of this syndrome ranges from 1% to 8%, a figure that worries most parents.

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“Boys and girls who do not have access to the modern vaccine against COVID-19 face a dangerous scenario where the odds are against them. Every day that passes without vaccination increases your vulnerability to this virus which can compromise both your present and your future. The risks are clear: from conditions that compromise your long-term health to the possibility of becoming transmission vectors towards your loved ones. The pediatric vaccine is not just a solution, it is a necessary shield to protect the future of our childhood”, said Dr. Iván Gutierrez, an infectious disease specialist and pediatrician.

facing this dire situation Colombian Pediatric Society Issued a call to action through its pediatric immunization campaign ‘A new generation is born to vaccinate against COVID-19’, urging parents and health workers to show up on time on vaccination days for boys and to encourage vaccination in girls, and thus promote full protection. All the members of the household.

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