China, three cases of Coronavirus in Shanghai: schools closed and 500 flights canceled

Three cases of Coronavirus cause Shanghai to close and 500 flights to China canceled. The positives are three friends who have returned from Shuzhou city, all vaccinated. The city government has ordered the cancellation of all interprovincial tourist packages. Six hospitals have closed all their services. “China has accumulated a lot of experience in the zero-Covid strategy,” said Zhang Wenhong, head of the Shanghai Covid Prevention Task Force, so our strategy will not change. ” Suzhou has also closed all tourist attractions and imposed a lockdown on residents, who will only be able to leave the city after showing a negative result from a swab test.

Beijing authorities are ready to nip potential outbreaks ahead of the February Winter Olympics. Schools were also closed in the small satellite town of Xuzhou, which also prevented its two million residents from leaving the city by bus, after a person who came into close contact with a Shanghai patient was found. A university campus in nearby Hangzhou was also placed under lockdown after a staff member was found to have had close contact with a confirmed case, state media reported.

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