Chinese Medicine to Treat HPV

Surely you have read on different sites that HPV has no treatment; but that is with respect to western medicine. Chinese medicine for its part could have found the cure for HPV

You want to know how do they treat this disease in traditional chinese medicine? Stay, we will tell you how they do it and, in addition, we will do an analysis of the contrast between the methods of Chinese medicine and Western medicine to treat the human papillomavirus.

What is Chinese medicine?

Herbs used in Chinese medicine

Chinese medicine or traditional Chinese medicine is an alternative medical practice, whose principle is based, among other postulates, on the fact that our organisms have a “vital energy”which circulates through channels called “meridians”.

These meridians have connections with organs and bodily functions. Hence, “accessing” those meridians through touch or other techniqueswe can cure different diseases or symptoms of these, by reactivating or correcting the flow of that vital energy.

Between the Therapeutic techniques most used in Chinese medicine have:

  • acupuncture.
  • moxibustion.
  • Cupping therapy or cupping therapy.
  • The dietetics.
  • Phytotherapy.
  • Physical practices such as exercises, martial arts or meditation.
  • The massages, also known as Tui na or tuina.

How is HPV treated in Chinese medicine?

Chinese practitioner practicing acupuncture

Of the therapeutic methods described above, Chinese medicine uses 4 in the treatment against HPV. These are:

  • acupuncture.
  • The dietetics.
  • Phytotherapy.
  • physical practices.

Acupuncture to cure HPV

acupuncture consists of activating certain key points of our bodyto connect with the meridians and achieve the restoration of vital energy.

For HPV, two types of acupuncture are commonly used:

  • Acupressure: that uses the fingers to activate the points through pressure.
  • chemopuncture: which consists of applying injections in specific points of the body. In this case, vitamin B12 is used.

In both cases, both in acupressure and in chemopuncture, key points that Chinese medicine has related to immune functions are addressedin order to stimulate this system.


In Chinese medicine, as in Western medicine, the close relationship between the immune system and diet is known.

For this reason, traditional Chinese medicine has its own diets designed for people with HPVfocused mainly on strengthening the immune system to end the virus as soon as possible.


Phytotherapy is basically the use of plant products (and some animals) for the treatment of different diseases or symptoms.

Within Chinese medicine, already established plant products that serve as a remedy for HPV in general or for the warts it causes.

physical practices

To maintain a healthy balance between mind and body, people with HPV are recommended different physical practices, either meditation to achieve tranquility and peace, or exercise to stimulate the body’s activity.

Can HPV be cured with Chinese medicine?

If you look closely, Chinese and Western medicine do not pursue different objectives in the fight against HPV… In both the goal is to strengthen the immune system for it to take care of the virus.

Except that each type of medicine has its own techniques to achieve your goals. In any case, chinese medicine seems like a good alternativebecause it has more than interesting therapeutic techniques.

It should be noted that it is necessary to attend with a professional in Chinese medicine to be your guide in your treatment against HPV. Because of course, like any science or art, Chinese medicine also has professionals in the area, with the necessary knowledge to provide you with adequate care.

However, If you do not want to visit a Chinese medicine professional, what you should do is what we have explained in other articles that we have written.


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From Opinion and Health We wish you much success in your recovery!


Juliet Lombardi

Written by Juliet Lombardi, graduated in Pharmacy from the University of Seville and PhD in Health Sciences from the University of Seville. Her specialization is in the area of ​​Homeopathy and Phytotherapy.

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