Chinese spy infiltrated in the English parliament: the secret services warn Westminster

The British intelligence (MI5) found out a Chinese spy which has infiltrated the British Parliament. They therefore issued a rare warning to British MPs that a Chinese agent has infiltrated Westminster to interfere in UK politics.

She is an esteemed Chinese lawyer based in London, perfectly integrated with the highest levels of the British establishment. He would actually be a spy in Beijing’s service. Is called Christine Ching Kui Lee and according to an alert issued by MI5, Her Majesty’s Counterintelligence infiltrated Westminster Parliament to interfere in UK politics and made contact with MPs and would-be MEPs, acting on behalf of the United Front Labor Department (Dlfu), directly dependent on the Chinese Communist Party.

It doesn’t end there: in his alleged undercover activity made a series of donations to British political parties of over £ 700,000. Money declared regularly by the parties but which, according to MI5, comes from foreign citizens residing in Hong Kong and China: the origin of the money would have been voluntarily concealed. Most of the donations went to Labor and in particular to former member of the shadow government and deputy Barry Gardiner, who among other things had the son of the lawyer who resigned today. The parliamentarian stated that he had acted in complete transparency and had been in contact for years with the security services of the Kingdom regarding the work of the lawyer.

But Lee’s list of high-level relationships is long. Former conservative premier Theresa May awarded her an award in 2019 for her collaborative projects between China and Britain. The suspected spy was also photographed at public events with May’s predecessor, David Cameron, at an event in 2015, and separately with former Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn. From what emerges, Lee was not subjected to arrest or even expelled from the country: the authorities at the moment limited themselves to prohibiting her from entering Parliament. The Minister of the Interior, Priti Patel, intervened on the matter, describing the alleged Chinese infiltration attempt as “very worrying” and stressing that “this development is the result of the solid structures that the United Kingdom has put in place to identify foreign interference or any potential threat to our democracy ”.

Among the first to sound the alarm in Westminster was the deputy and former conservative leader Iain Duncan Smith, known hawk for his strongly critical positions towards China and Russia. He confirmed that the Speaker of the Municipalities, Lindsay Hoyle, had sent the deputies an email with the ‘Chinese threat in which in fact they were asked to distance themselves from the lawyer who came under indictment. Certainly this news, widely reported by the media of the Kingdom, diverts the general attention from the party-gate the day after the humiliating apology presented to the House of Commons by the conservative Prime Minister Boris Johnson, whose future appears increasingly in the balance, while the list of Tory representatives of a certain level who are demanding his resignation grows. Then the first rumors emerge about a potential challenge to the succession, which could see figures such as Chancellor of the Exchequer, Rishi Sunak, and Foreign Minister, Liz Truss, attempting to climb the party and Downing Street. In particular, Sunak who according to many, unlike the other members of the Council of Ministers, would have offered limited public support to Johnson in the middle of the storm. Lee’s affair only increases the diplomatic tension between London and Beijing, already severely tested with the Hong Kong and human rights dossier, with the naval confrontation in Southeast Asia and the economic collaboration between the two countries. Finally, on the espionage front, in 2020 the United Kingdom had silently expelled three journalists believed to be Chinese agents.

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