Chiquitita: How one of Abba’s greatest successes funds girls’ education in Central America

  • Will Grant
  • BBC News, La Tinta, Guatemala

The entire ABBA group on stage singing.

image source, Getty Images

Many die-hard Abba supporters don’t know this. But despite selling millions of records over more than four decades, their 1979 smash hit “Chiquitita” has never brought the Swedish supergroup a penny.

“We gave the copyright to Unicef,” its composer and founding member of Abba, told the BBC. Bjorn Ulvaeus.

“This has made a lot of money come in over the years because ‘Chiquitita’ has been heard, played many times, and they have been sold many records. So I’m very happy about that.”

Written for UNICEF’s Year of the Child, “Chiquitita” -which means “little girl” in Spanish- was also the first song Abba recorded in Spanish, becoming a great success in Latin America.

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