Chivas brings experience and knowledge to the World Congress of Sports Medicine

The World Congress of Sports Medicine is one of the most important events organized by the International Federation of Sports Medicine (FIMS), which is held every 2 years, and this occasion was held for the first time in Mexico, for which Guadalajara , Jalisco, received the highest representatives of the world in matters of sports medicine and sciences applied to sports.

For this reason, the Directorate of Sports Sciences of Chivas participated in the event. This area of ​​the club has been a spearhead in national and international development in this area, largely due to the interaction it generates between all the sciences applied to sport, from physical preparation, through medicine, physiotherapy, nutrition and human development for the benefit of the player, and constantly shares his experience and knowledge for the growth of Mexican soccer, hence the relevance of his having taken part in said FIMS global meeting.

The importance and transcendence of the investigations that the aforementioned area of ​​the club has recently carried out earned him the invitation to participate actively with 4 conferences during the congress to expose very specific clinical cases that can offer new horizons in the treatment of sports injuries.

In addition, these forums highlighted the importance of disseminating this knowledge correctly and how effective it has been that the official Chivas website has a space dedicated to publishing such research, since there are the manuals and scientific procedures, together with the fact of having strategic alliances such as with the Football Science Institute (FSI).

What did Chivas talk about at the FIMS congress?

1. Groin pain. A way to diagnose a case of sports herniagiven by the Dr. Arturo Mayor Santerbas, Physician of the Under 20 category. The case of a player who suffered from pubalgia and was treated with an operation that is not normally done: surgery for athletes’ hernia was addressed.

2. Multidisciplinary management of injuries in difficult cases in soccer players from Chivas. The Dr. Jaime Andres Figueroa Conde, Director of Sports Sciences of Chivas. The structure and functions of the managements were explained in detail, as well as how innovative this system is and how all the scientific professionals within the club are brought together.

3. Women’s Soccer. Physical preparation of the soccer player structured in Microcyclean exhibition by the Dr. Daniel Vega Mercadoresponsible for the set of Chivas Womenl.

4. Congenital heart disease vs Covid-19. Clinical case of a professional soccer playerpresentation offered by the Dr. Luis Alberto Gallardo Vega, Chivas Medical Services Manager. The case of a player who had heart disease was exposed, who after obtaining other medical opinions and after hundreds of tests, was given the go-ahead to play again.

What is FIMS?
The International Federation of Sports Medicine (FIMS for its acronym in French), is an entity that brings together 117 national associations around the world, whose main objective is to promote the study and development of sports medicine throughout the world, protect physical and mental health, and guarantee the well-being of all those who practice sport.

It helps athletes achieve optimal performance by maximizing their genetic potential, health, nutrition, as well as guaranteeing access to high-quality medical care and training, and promotes their goals through courses, international events and its major biannual event.

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