Chivas burns: Alexis Vega and Ricardo Cadena are attacked after the defeat against Atlas in Guadalajara

Alexis Vega and Ricardo Cadena are attacked by Chivas de Guadalajara after losing the Clásico Tapatío in Mexico

A new Clásico Tapatío came into our lives, which is why Chivas de Guadalajara and Atlas met at the Akron Stadium to see which of the two would start with an advantage ahead of the next game they will have to play in Mexico.

The match was 2-1 thanks to goals from Ángel Márquez for Atlas. On the other hand, for the Sacred Flock, Cristian Calderón was in charge of scoring the goal of honor for Ricardo Cadena’s team, one of the most criticized elements on social media.

“Ricardo chain’s first failure, put the dead of César Huerta”, said a follower criticizing the interim coach of Chivas.

“Ricardo Cadena does not know how to play leagues, his chest froze, he could not decipher a cunning Aclas playing Chivas, so ugly he has nothing to win in Jalisco,” added another follower.

“Shake and drop of cloud in time, because you have the second leg to rectify. Now yes, on Sunday to see what these Chivas are made of, and see if Ricardo Cadena really deserves to continue as DT”sentenced another follower of the Flock on Twitter.

Alexis Vega, another critic of the Clásico Tapatío

“If Alexis Vega had played Chivas, he would have scored easily”, said a follower on social networks, alluding to how little participation the Mexican striker was.

“That’s the Alexis Vega that we don’t want in Chivas, who fakes injuries when he sees that the game is rough and that it won’t transcend him. Cadena badly put Torres in, he must have been the Walrus from the beginning,” added another Chivas fan after finishing the game.

“Terrible game by Alexis Vega. Disconnected, unfocused. Bad,” another follower said on social networks after seeing how his team fell at the hands of the champion Atlas.

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