Chivas fans unleash severe criticism against Veljko Paunovic for not using Pocho and Ríos against San Luis: They don’t forgive him!

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The goalless draw in San Luis Potosí territory did not leave the rojiblancos fans happy, who demanded the entry of their reinforcements.

Severe criticism is unleashed for Veljko Paunovic for not using the Chivas signings in Clausura 2023: They don't forgive him!
© Imago7Severe criticism is unleashed for Veljko Paunovic for not using the Chivas signings in Clausura 2023: They don’t forgive him!

Club Guadalajara’s equalizer against San Luis 0-0 did not leave the fans very happy, because they played against 10 men for most of the game and the reinforcements for this Clausura 2023 Tournament, Victor Guzmán and Daniel Ríos were conspicuous by their absence because coach Veljko Paunović did not take them into account for the Matchday 2 commitment.

The Sacred Flock fell very short in expectations compared to the people of San Luis Potosí, Since from minute 15 Juan Sanabria was sent off, however they never managed to pierce the local defense, which accommodated itself in a great way, preventing the rojiblancos from dangerously approaching the area and generating the despair of the fans who were left wanting to see Pocho and Ríos.

At the end of the game, Paunović explained the reasons why he did not give his new players entry: “Víctor Guzmán’s quality player is a winner. I want him to be physically well, I don’t want to risk it is early in the season. It would be fair for him and for the team when we are all well, just like Ríos. They have arrived later and honestly the people who are participating are because They are in good physical condition and not only because of what they can give on the pitch, but I worry about injuries”.

But in the official Twitter account of Guadalajara The fans did not wait with their discomfort, expressing that the team saw in San Luis as if it were a party led by Ricardo Cadena, They also reproached the players for not having been able to overcome an opponent in numerical inferiority, something that had previously happened with other coaches.

Poll Do you think Pocho Ríos will debut against Toluca?

Do you think Pocho Ríos will debut against Toluca?

I don’t think so, I’m sure he’s going to keep them again

Yes, they are sorely needed


What’s next for Chivas?

After the draw at the Alfonso Lastras Stadium, the Flock returned to the Pearl of the West, where they will have a couple of days off and will report on Monday to start preparing their presentation at home in this Clausura 2023, The same thing that will take place next Saturday, January 21 when they receive Toluca at the Akron Stadium.






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