Chivas goes for a marker that he has not achieved with Ricardo Cadena

The first leg ended 2-1 in favor of Atlas, who also concluded the regular phase in position 3, while Chivas at 6; all of which forces the team to Richard Chain to win the overall score, because in the event of a tie, the best placed player in the table advances.

But not only that, if Chivas aspires to get to the Semifinals, is bound to beat the Atlas by two goals difference, not conceding a goal, something that has not been seen in the interim of Richard Chain.

It wasn’t until the sixth game that Cadena lost a link in his perfection; he already knew what it means to lose like the boss on the red and white bench and now must trace a marker that doesn’t look easy and that Chivas has not succeeded with this technician.

In the five wins achieved in the Closing Tournament 2022four from the regular phase and one from the Repechage, in none the Sacred Flock won by a score of 2-0.

“It could have happened at any time, no one would want to suffer a defeat and less so in an instance like today (yesterday), but the team is alive, the series is alive”, he admitted Richard Chain.

Of his five victories, only two went blank, which were 1-0 against Blue Cross Y Necaxaand that result it does not serve him against the Atlas. He is 3-1 with Cougars that yes it would serve him, but not thus the 2-1 against Xolos from Tijuana. From the results achieved from him, it would also serve to repeat the 4-1 with Cougars in the Repechage to give him the pass to the Semifinals.

It’s a good chancein it Jalisco they will see a team with shame, with hunger, with desire and surely accessing the next phase”, glimpsed the coach.

In all scenarios, the least flattering would be for Atlas to score first, since there, he would need to go for three goals to be in the next phase. Of the results that serve Chivas there is winning 2-0 or more without conceding, and in case the red and black write down, the Guadalajara it only serves him to win by three.

It must be remembered that if Chivas wins 2-1 or by any difference of one goal, the pass to the Semifinals will be for the Atlas to have best position in the table.

Atlas welcome this sunday Chivas at the Jalisco Stadium at 6:00 p.m. in the Round of the Quarterfinals of the Closure 2022: “We are going to have a good court, which is always good for us, which we feel comfortable with, which has been and It was many years the house of Chivas. On that side, we are going to try to force actions, playing, generating soccer to seek a goal first that allows us to get closer to the goal. Many times you have to take advantage, it is not the case today, have the ability to be self-critical and seek with all our weapons to turn it around next Sunday.

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