Chivas Hulk Salazar: Still unidentified burned body in Tonalá, says Prosecutor’s Office

After this day it emerged on social networks and in some media outlets that the charred body found in the trunk of a car set on fire in Tonala It belonged to the ex-soccer player of the Chivas, Antonio “Hulk” Salazar the State Attorney’s Office He reported that the genetic tests necessary to confirm his identity are not yet available.

The prosecution specified that, by the conditions in which the victim’s body was leftit was not possible to carry out an official identification of the person, so the Jalisco Institute of Forensic Sciences the corresponding genetic opinions.

The agency pointed out that despite the fact that unofficial versions have emerged regarding the possible identity of the person, it is important to point out that such information cannot be corroborated for this social representation as long as the results of the genetic tests are not available and there is an official identification of the victim.

Once the corresponding expert results are obtained, the prosecution He promised to reveal the identity of the body located and the progress in the corresponding investigations.



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